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(PLEASE READ) Matching system idea

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Greetings summoners and Riot people.

I would like to make a suggestion about the system on a computer organization "normal games".

(Sorry for my english)

It would be very practical when we put click on "PLAY", the system asks you which lane immediately to go and what kind of champion you will ... "AD", "AP", "ADC", "APC", "JUNGLE".
It would be great teams organized system in a way that all are happy with their role in the game.

"It happens that when a person does not get the role you want, that person starts trolling"
"It also happens that you are very good with a character, in my case ADC, and I prefer to play most of the time as ADC ... And it happens that someone else chooses ADC, or even 4 people at once choose ADC".

This change in the matching system would be very useful, avoid trollers, AFK's and that will leave the summoners pairing (as happens infinitely).

Consider and I hope the others Summoner will support me in this idea.