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Turkey Farmer | Login and Main Lobby Summary

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Turkey Farmer



Login and Main Lobby Summary

Well the login screen is what I would have guessed. Same as the pc version and it connects correctly to the main lobby. I've been hearing that the pvp.net is not as good on the mac client as the pc version, but I haven't experienced any problems dealing with the pvp.net system.

Resolution looks correct and audio is defiantly working. No bugs yet.

Main Lobby is also the same as the pc version. I've taken a look into the store and right now its currently working. The main page of the store has a slide show picture glitch. It only last for about 5 seconds, but the image is sliced with another image. The two pictures merge together and there are 3 lines that bring the image behind the front image through. Otherwise the tabs on the store are working. I'm not having any problems switching through pages of runes, champions, etc.

Now I'm taking a look at My Account under the store section. I'm looking at my purchase history and sometimes it won't allow me to click on my pages of history. I don't know if this is a glitch or just lag from the client, but it takes sometime before my history pages to load. The screen also flashes every time I click on a number of my history pages.

Friends list is working. I can change my status, show that I'm away and bring myself back online. I can see who is currently online and who is currently playing a game. All looks good till I get to chat rooms. All the chat rooms are showing no one in them, but when I click on them, people are in them. On the outside of the chat rooms, it shows (0) users. The chat in the chat rooms are working though. I can see my text that I type and the text that other people type back.

Profile info is working and everything looks in place. Ranked Stats is working and I can check all of my champions stats and even on the graphs. Match History is working and I can check the info on my last 8 games. Champions section is all working except, when I click on recently purchased. Recently purchased is a drop down option under the word "Owned" and I recently purchased LeBlanc and she's not showing up. Next, the Runes tab works and even "Rune Combiner" works too. Masteries are all looking good and I can change them without any bugs. Saving my masteries is also working and no errors have been found. Lastly, Spells tab is working. I've clicked on all the summoner spells and they've all revealed the summoner level, information on what the spell does and its stats, and a picture showing Alistar performing these spells. The player search option in Profile is also working, but its kind of laggy. Overall the Profile section of the main lobby is working just fine.

League of legends lore button creates a direct link to the Journal of Justice, its found next to the Profile button. At this moment, its slow and laggy. This probably has to deal with server lag and client issues. Help Dialog box is working for all of you who care and the Options button is working. All sub options under Options are currently working properly.

All audio and effects are working on the main lobby at this time. Well I'm glad to know that Riot has put alot of work into this Mac Client so far. The Play button works on the main lobby so that means its time to break off into 5v5 and 3v3 ranked and normal, Custom Games and Tutorial. Thanks for reading up on the summary of the Main Lobby of the League of Legends Mac Client. I will soon post the following categories in the next couple of days. Thanks for reading summoners!