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rank still unbalanced?

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right now i'm stuck in bronze, and it takes a lot of effort to climb up since there are a lot of bad players, i'm not going to complain about whine about it since if your skill aint good enough to carry yourself out, then you are in the right skill level

these are the things i found very common in the bronze level players, and wish riot can do something about it
1) they don't own a lot of of champions. feels like they only play 1 or 2 roles with couple of champions then dive into rank once they hit level 30. makes the roles picking terrible and they talk smack when they have no idea what they are doing
2) realized, raging only makes it worst and you are going to play more aggressive and terrible decision making to cost the game. but there are couple of game i found it very frustrating where i had to carry the team with few players to win when there is 1 afk or troll. i think there should never be freerider effect on troll and they should be punished.

ex: stupid support never wards and blames each other with the adc. they lose their lane and i've been constantly asking him to buy wards and he never did. also in team fight, he just stood there, making me rage. in the end, with cooperation with few other players, my team won but he deserve no right to win and get free ride to get LP.

my point is, it's team game and it's understandable; however when a player purposely does this like troling and get away with it is unfair. another example is someone being carried and trash talking

3) in bronze, there are a lot of bad players. but the ones who don't know how to the role they pick is even more ridiculous. again: support who never buys wards and gold per 5 item. even if you ask and comment on it, they get mad and spazz at you when they fail to perform their role

4) there are too many AFKS - either afk at the start or rage quitting the moment they feed. then start trolling. These players should be punished. in rank, you want to see what your level is, but to dick around in a serious game just ruins the league community for competitive gaming. i really think Riot should set the tone is what is ranking is since most NA players are not serious and dick around the game. this prevents good players to level up and drop as they get bad match pairing. again, i think you punish the afks and get more reward to win a game against 4 vs 5 or lose less or loss forgiven when a teammate goes afk.

i think by letting things slide, the competitiveness of the game and community is dropping.

plz don't preach BS about win your lane win the game, when you win your lane the team throws the game for some dam reason.

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Me: Buy a sightstone, it's better in the long run.
Support: If you so pro then go play tournaments.


Since when is warding world tournement level.

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Welcome to League of Legends, where the teams are picked for you and your skill doesn't matter.


This is what happens when you #yolo queue,you get stuck with people who (you think) aren't as good as you.

For your sake, however, keep some things in mind:

1- be constructive and stop raging. Obviously, yelling at some stranger doesn't make them want to listen to you. If you want something, ask nicely.

2- If a player is only comfortable in a handful of roles, then you should compliment pick. I don't care if you wanted to go into a game as an AD carry; if they only know ADC, then pick something else. It's better to have everyone play to their strengths than favor only one or two people.

3- Get a duo partner and lane together. 'Nuff said. If someone calls bot/ADC, then be be jungle and mid/top with him and have coordinated ganks.

4- Again, stop effing raging at your teammates. You will lose if you can't shut your mouth about how bad you think your teammate is.


(I'm not a pro player but that doesn't mean I have to be an a--hole in ranked games)