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Don't Let Bullies Run Free

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To let a troll/ rager single out on of your teammates and harass them is ALMOST as bad as doing it yourself. To allow him to do this is to condone his behavior. It is the same as watching a bully pick on someone at school, except here your game is at stake.

The problem is, everyone is too scared to speak up, because they think they will be banned, but it is VERY easy to confront a bully without using bannable language, and it is the duty of anyone who not only tries to uphold the "summoners code" but if you want a less lame reason, just don't let a fellow person and fellow teammate get harassed, no one likes it.

DO NOT sit by and let bullies be bullies. The added benefit of the team trying to talk down a bully is, when the tribunal sees the card, they can see who is at fault immediately. And if the troll or trolls try to counter-report you, the chat will also show that everyone on the team sat opposite of the troll, and it will not only be the two of them going back and forth.

Remember that, as soon as a negative thing is said, it is out there and floating around. Let's not pretend like everyone who plays the game is a super strong-willed, perfect manly man that can just mute the bully and be OK after. Sometimes, there are a few exchanges before a mute is really needed. By that time, the player's game is already brought down a notch, and he knows that one of his teammates not only stands against him, but will not be able to communicate with him for the rest of the game.

Please do not let the fear of the tribunal stop you from helping out your fellow gamers, and from helping to make the REAL community you engage and interact with everyday a better place. Let's not forget that on the other side of every computer is a guy trying to have a good day, banging away at the same keys you are.