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Varus in ELCS: What do all these teams see in his playstyle?

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If Varus does well he will be called OP by GD within a week.
So this thread will be quite funny if that happens.
Of course I'll be very sad. Since I am a hipster (or that is what I am called i geuss) and play Varus, Hecarim and etc champions in S2 before they were cool.

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Teamfight snowball potential
(Assuming he stays alive long enough)

Pretty much. Varus needs time and breathing space to unload his damage, otherwise he just gets shut down way too quickly.

If someone Gapcloses to him he is dead basically, unless his support loves him. He has no mobility, and his only way to escape is using his Ultimate OR his E. His E is less reliable.

Using either will hurt his damage a lot though, since he needs his abilities to detonate blight.