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Chocolate Frost

Senior Member


I enjoy playing her, but I haven't won a single game with her since I bought her. She just feels overwhelmingly underpowered.

Her hate spikes deal next to no damage no matter my masteries, runes, or champion build and the opposing team doesn't even have to build MR to laugh them off.

Her ultimate (If you can even call it that) does less damage than any ultimate attack I've used, the shield it provides is nice for trying to survive and the slow is okay, but not great because it disappears almost as quickly as it comes and her ultimate has more than a two minute cool down.

Her W would be great for bursting down enemies fleeing from me if only she COULD burst them; instead, I find myself using it more to run away from fights only to be slowed a second time then killed.

Her E does wonderful damage and grants her amazing attack speed, but why? I tried exploring a hybrid Eve to uncover the answer only to fail harder than before.

I've tried to follow guides, but all of them are stale. I checked the creation dates of these things and the newest high rated one was updated almost 3 weeks ago and the info is inaccurate as if Eve keeps on getting these nerfs I hear about or the people who claim to know Eve don't know her at all.

Please help me find a way to bring the best out of her.

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Junior Member


its been soo long since ive played eve, she used to be my best champion. riot nerfed her like crazy. she used to have amazing ganks and just do so much damage. i always build her all ap ALWAYS and spammed my q. this seemed to work the best for me and is how my friend told me to play her.
if i remember correctly a little bit of spellvamp will allow her to sustain inbetween team fights, a rylas was amazing on her allowing her to constantly slow.

the typical mage build focusing on ap and cooldown.
for the runes you will probably need magic pen marks, ap quints, armor seals and for glyphs get ap or maybe cooldown reduction sinced they really buffed those glyphs?

for items definitely get a hextech revolver and a rabadons and rylas. get a deathfire or morellinomicon(i found this to be a good item if i used too much mana), sorc boots and then either a liandras (i havent tried this on her yet) or a void staff. the hextech revolver can either be sold or build into a will of the ancients or hextech gunblade.
dont forget getting a liandrys along with a rylas doubles the effect of liandrys.
just build pure ap and cooldown and try to get as bursty as you can.

for playstyle i remember roaming alot and popping my ult to gank. i would lane and when i pushed enough or just ran outta mana and needed to use her passive i would roam. i always went into teamfights or initiated them first with my ult, but thats when it was really powerful and did damage. also the positioning of her during teamfights and farming is crucial for your q.

this is all i can give you since its been so long since ive played her. i really wish riot would make her alot burstier and scary again. hope this helps somewhat. just the constant nerfing on her made her so difficult to do damage with.

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Skylar Du Coutea

Junior Member


Look, yes she have been nerfed as hell, and yes her ult doesnt hit as hard as before because now its curren health, but she still hits hard!, those nerfs where done because prenerf Eve was way op, crazy damage on her ult!, specially late game and basically no CD on it!, her E was was nerfed as well and her ult range was decreased, NOW new Eve has to use her ult as an initiator not as a Executioner, you have to play very smart, but u still do lots of damage. Thats how she works now
BUT in IMO I dont feel like an assasin after the nerfs, specially because her ult does not do minimum, I feel like a very burst mage, thats all, i think Riot should do something on her ult!, like , minimum damage OR if she just hits one target change the current health to max health and give her no shield, so if she decide to ult on one champ she will have no shield but her ult would do %max heatlh damage with no shield, idk it was just a though!. so in conclution I would say, she still strong but it will depend on the situation I would pick her!, otherwhise shes VERY fun to play with!, remember that you would do awful if you are laning with a champ that counters you so dont feel like **** if you loose your lane, other think gank!, she is an awesome ganker and the most important think I would say to any champ you play, learn to farm! sometimes you dont need kills to get your gold, just by farming!, and Eve farms very easily. Thats my opinion! , for runes try MP reds, Armor yellows, MR Blues and AP for Quints, keep practicing!

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Senior Member


Maybe I can help. I've mained Eve for nearly 2 years. From when she stunned out of stealth laughing at how overpowered she was, to the painful year of unviability, to the blissful remake where she mattered again and I could pick her without being chastised, to the current state of Evelynn.

At her current state, she borders the lower tiers just above not viable. Which, I am still okay with because its better than it used to be. That said, she is underpowered, but has utility that makes her great.

In her current state, I find Evelynn is only good in the Jungle. Most people play her mid, and roam. I don't like this because she cannot win her lane, only other people's lanes. Because of this, mid can just push all game long and go straight down the middle if they know what to do against Eve. Thus, any unsuccessful ganks just put you even further behind.

In the jungle she can assist all lanes, and farm quite well. Her clear times are pretty good though early sustain is bad, but once you get your first back and with a few extra potions you should be able to stay until you can finish your Spellvamp jungle item(Sorry the name escapes me at the moment.)

I used to build the rework as AD, but right now I'm finding AP to be more helpful. I usually start with a Liandries Torment, the extra HP/Constant 2% Health damage, and the Magic Pen for you ult is pretty damn nice.

Then I build purely situational, but I usually go for a pretty tanky item after Liandries that counters their team makeup the best since she now has constant damage and can dish it out over a long period of time especially with her ultimate.

Here's my Runes/Mastery set up

Armor Yellows(Obvious)
Flat AP Blues ( Helps with clear time/early damage)
Flat AD Reds ( Also helps with clear time)
Movement Speed Quints(These really are essential. Her W Really makes these shine.)

My masteries are sort of weird but it works the best. Trust me.
20/7/3 http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/24557081#masteries
Its under Evelynn Test, which is actually my usual I just haven't changed the name of it yet.

While you're there you'll also see I've only played 5 ranked games with her in Season 3. I've won 4 of them, but you'll also notice my assist ratio is very high. Jungle Eve can really gank well, with her ability to skip wards and her early game damage is still really high.

Enough of the build, your problem seems to lay within your playing. Let me start by Evelynn isn't for everyone, and if you want someone who will rapeface with little gameplay intuition you aren't playing the right champion.

Evelynn is about getting into the fight, eating a carry, and leaving right after. Then picking off sick sheep from the herd. You have to get used to not using your W until all slows that will be used on you are used. Honestly, I like running boots of Swiftness as even if they slow you after your W it won't matter, at all.

Your ultimate is basically for a slow and shield now. Its still possible to run DFG/Ultimate for a burst combo that will do a lot of damage but I don't like how one trick pony this makes her, so I don't go this route and I use it as the ability for its utility only.

Usually when you dart into a fight, five people are going to turn their efforts to you 90% of the time, and ifnot you're going to be 20/0 this game. Go in, soak up damage and beat up a carry(hopefully kill), but get out before you die as you're worth nothing when you're dead. I try and use my ultimate when they all bunch up to do damage to me. BE FAST this all happens very quickly. Timing is so crucial here, as you don't want to use it too late, or you'll die before it pops up.

Even if you get out low, Eve's burst is fast enough to stick around while low and burst someone else who is low who doesn't expect you coming because they cannot see you in your stealth. You can W in, burst, and get out before anyone else can catch up with you.

Eve can also Kite melee champions really well, as you can let them catch up just enough. Unless they have hard CC, they will never catch you if you keep Q'ing. Just save your W for their slows. When they get low enough, turn around E and laugh in their face.

You'll have to play her for quite a while before you get good with her, when she was first reworks and overpowered most people thought she was still weak. It took me roughly 2 weeks when I first started playing her before I got her down. Even then it was over a month before I kicked ass with her.

She has a low room for error right now. So if you screw up, you pay big for it. Don't get behind with her, you'll be really squishy and do little damage.

Hope I helped some. If you like playing her, play her religiously until you get her down. If you aren't really liking her and just want someone who's overpowered, you better look somewhere else.