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Did something happen to the requeue time?

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Holy Malevolence

Senior Member


First attempt. Enemy team captain bans Poppy and Eve, before first picking Fiddles. Naturally, someone on the enemy team says "Screw this" and gets out as fast as he can.

I decide that I don't wish to go at it anymore, as the leaver ruined my mood. But lo and behold! Match number two pops up before I can blink.
I figure, hey, might as well just play it through. Then someone on my team starts raging, after claiming that Mundo was a tank.....

Can't click the red X fast enough, and now I'm in lobby three. My mood's **** fowl at this point, 'cause I don't much enjoy leavers. But I'm not one to dodge no matter how foul my mood....
Actually, if it had gone on for five or so attempts, I would've said screw it.....
But, alas, the requeue time. Has it been drastically reduced, or am I just getting some form of luck?