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Jungle Shen: Tips?

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Well, firstly I don't believe Shen should be jungling as his laning capability far surpasses his jungling skills. I mean, early, mid, and late game he's pretty much impossible to kill. He does a decent amount of damage, and is a great harrasser. But... I get bored quickly and I like switching stuff up to keep my attention... right now I'm on a shen kick. So.. I've taken him to the jungle for a couple games, and I do pretty well, but he starts off pretty slow... A lot slower than the rest of my junglers. So... can anyone throw me some tips on runes/masteries/gear that could effectively speed up Shen's early game in the jungle, without gimping his incredible tanking?

Currently I'm running HP quints, MP marks, dodge seals, and CD glyphs.
Masteries I've tried 9/0/21 and 9/21/0 both work decent.

But yea... any suggestions to make his early jungling faster?

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-Armor pen runes are often better to jungle with.
-Armor flat seals > Dodge
-Time your Vorpal blades with your autoattacks so that you don't waste time throwing the blade when you can auto attack(this cuts a few seconds off your time, but every bit helps)

also, shameless stonewall plug: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxjS_i_pBpU

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9/21/0 doesn't work, you need at least 0/0/8 for the xp boost in utility. What Disabled said too, AR marks, and flat armor seals will improve your jungle. 0/21/9 is the usual masteries for jungle Shen.