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All about LeBlanc

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My personal review (this is not a QQ, but an honest review; I play her too).

If you don't want to read this just scroll down.

Props to Riot for making a champ that has unique dynamics that encourage a variety of play styles. An advanced player should always be aware of what spell order to use to get the greatest benefit. This sounds and should be awesome, but to me it seems very wasted to have it implemented on a champion like this.
I strongly agree with Riot's dislike of NONFUN elements of the game; and I remember a Riot employee saying something along the lines of the idea that skill shots are great because they make the player who used it gets gratification for hitting it, and if a player dodges it he may also recieve gratification. LeBlanc has one skillshot which is probably her least used spell by far since it is so easy to jump in, Q+ult and jump out, all without aiming anything. This strikes me definitely as a NONFUN element for both players. I don't enjoy mashing the buttons as fast as I can while hardly thinking. The enemy I just hit probably doesnt like having 75% of his hp disappear instantly.

•Similar to the old problem with Ryze, LeBlanc does too much dmg to be a faceroller.
• Q has a gigantic range, on par with some skillshots.
•Being extremely strong in a lane with the W+Q combo.
•Passive is honestly useless, this is a cool concept and could be implemented differently, but i dont know how

I honestly don't know the best way to lane against her (leave feedback here pl0x) •Towerhugging will just get hit with WQ combos
•Could try CC as she charges in, but the ability to blink back instantly makes it difficult to get a CC on her in time (especially if she comes out of a bush in the side lane, not to mention she silences you if she does a QW combo)
•Playing aggressive is difficult as her Q has a longer range than most other harassment abilities

•Decrease range of Q
•Give the teleportation part of W a cast time