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Ideas, Thoughts, Problems, etc...

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Sooooo...after dodging my last queue and receiving a leave/loss of rating for it I figured I ought to post about various things rambling...after all, I have time to kill, but this will take wayyyy longer than the 5 min...

I capitalized and spaced out different sections...its really long, good luck lol...in order they are:
Queue Problems
New Champs (a category) Ideas
Thought on Nerfs.


Let's take the last queue for instance. I was second pick. I clearly chose a jungler, smite and everything. Next pick, someone chooses a jungler. Unresponsive. Now I realize that sometimes people aren't in the chat lobby because of PVP.net problems, d/c from chat. But to not even open your eyes to the rest of your team is ridiculous. That being said, a team should have a number of options at that point. To assign me [basically] a loss and leave is ridiculous. I chose first, but because he was setting us up for failure I had to leave, it was a favor to the others in the room.
Those options? Well...first of all, each chat lobby should be in its own separate script, a d/c from PVP.net shouldn't affect it in the slightest, though everyone here already knows that. BUT there should also be a vote-kick in a form, in the lobby. Or perhaps a vote-reshuffle to reenter the queue (as I know ragers about unpopular champs will cause problems if the kick option were to be implemented).
People oftentimes complain about the community and I know on the America's servers a lot of it boils down to English proficiency. (Blah, blah, tolerance, blah blah) But seriously, srsly, srs bsnznss, someone screaming in something unintelligible in every game does not help. I feel as though it should assign local servers (continent wide) based on IP location. "Oh, your ping is coming in from Poland? Europe server. Kansas? American." This would stop a whole hell of a lot of 'making a new client' problem. Just a thought.
Twisted Treeline needs a solo queue VERY badly. It was my favorite format preseason, and wish it could still be. With my mains I am better than normal queue, but don't have patience to wait for a bunch of my friends to team up, I like playing 'now' (if I am on the game, why am I wasting time sitting in the client lobbies?). Furthermore, the game dynamics are completely different on 3v3 [don't believe me? look at the champ bans in one or the other], characters switch power positions like crazy and closeup teamwork is very important. Also its possible to escape or counter ganks cross-map (unlike summoners without teleport).


Ideas for skins:
Gingerbread Man Teemo ("Can't Catch me!&quot
He can use a candycane straw to blow gumdrops at his foes.
His blind shot can be a different color or larger gumdrop.
Move quickly can leave cookie bits behind him.
His toxic shot can be sugar overload, blood sugar hurts too, you know.
His shrooms can become muffins/cupcakes.

Daft Punk/Tron Ezreal
Q throws a laser disc.
W Couldn't think of something awesome, bet someone can
E He hops on a lightbike and zips over to location
R Throws a data program?

Come on...can we PLEASE get a Dark Knight Joker skin for Shaco....PLEASE?!

Trendy Tryndamere (Think a-la-***** Eye)
Q Fashion Accessories, he puts them on to restore PIZAZZ
W Eye for Fashion, he points out ALL your faux pas!
E Just gotta dance! Rips through everything in sight with the dance moves of a GOD
R Haters Gon' HAAAAAYYYY-te

Some Less Thought out ones...
The Good Witch (Lux)
Ruby Slippers and All

Wicked Witch of the WestGana (Morg)

Father Time Swain (Or Zilean if you have to be THAT obvious about it)

Bodybuilder Olaf (the AHHHNOLD of the 70's-80's)
He throws weights.

Ok time for ME to be obvious...an actual Gargoyles Galio

Mushroom Kingdom Heimer...(just like it for Heims because he can be a toadstool with that head...Kennen or teemo if not I spose)
He can plant piranha flowers for turrets.
Can throw hammers like the hammer brothers for rockets or 'nades.

Hindenburg Corki.
Just for the explosion on death graphic.


I'll post more when I feel like it...however, ideas for new champions themselves...
I think RIOT isn't getting creative enough with their champs, crazy skill changeups, but just not thinking outside the box. What if we had a whole new CLASS of champs. Like turret/building specialists. Those that did extra damage/abilities to buildings, but less to champs (or nothing at all, SHOCKER, force teamwork). Imagine a huge, slow, lumbering cave-troll-esque champ that starts at who knows...200 damage a swing to turrets (that increases to 400, but he attacks at .2 or something [moves at 150?]) Abilities include a long range backwards flash (That is, he can teleport ONLY towards his base), Learning to use his second arm (He gets a second swing every so often), a battle roar (drastically reduces received damage for those in range, or perhaps, scares EVERYONE into doing less damage and also taking less), and the ult is he control the minions on screen (like pets!)

Another champ for that line of thought would be the demolition, or puller guy...
When he gets to a turret he starts wrapping chains at the base, if he can get 20...30...40 chains wrapped or something the turret gets pulled down, regardless of HP. Make it a 2-3 second cooldown skill. If the team leaves the turret alone for that long, it deserves to get pulled. He can be a traps expert for his other skills, puts nests up that snare for a second all over (thinking similar to nidalee's bushwack). He can have an escape chain setup that stays on indefinitely, as in...his ult, he sets a location, and starts rolling chain out from it, whenever he pops his ult again, it immediately rolls him backwards to wherever he has it tethered.

Let's talk about Nerf's for a second...
Riot is too responsive to people complaining in this department. I played shaco as main for a long time (I mean, WHO DIDN'T, he was GOD, mirite?!?!?). I still play him quite frequently. Know why? Because he is still very strong given the right opposition. (DURR< NO @*&^# SHERLOCK, THIS WHOLE GAME IS ROCK PAPER SCISSORSSSS). Here's the problem, with the complete nerfing of so many champs, the game has become item-centric. I remember when Shaco stood a chance against Rammus 1v1. I remember when he could initiate team fights (DPS BUILD, NOT TALKING ABOUT AP...friends don't let friends go AP shaco). What happened? He got nerfed to oblivion. Instead of tweaking his ratios, the flavor was taken out of the character. He was a very interesting character to play against, one that made teams very scared of the 'mia' call. But lets bring it back to the item-centric thought. Do me a flavor, be a DPS chara. Face a balanced team. Better yet, face a bulky team, one that went 3-4 tanks. First thought? Madreds. (Yes but that IS the counter for tanks idiot!) A few months ago, characters like shaco...twitch...etc could stand up in a 1v1 even if they had a bad start (everyone does...I hate it when people start *****ing immediately after a second death early, hey, every few games, it happens). Now in keeping with the thought, what is the counter to shen or rammus, those that taunt and keep you locked (aside from just...not being close enough to get taunted...you aren't going to get away EVERY time) its called passive affects. So with this favor....roll the following build (whatever boots you want, play it situationally, if they don't have many stuns/snares even go GREAVES [gasp]) Madreds -> Sword of Divine -> IE -> Phantom -> Whatever your little heart desires (Thirster? LW? BC?). I wonder if a few of you are thinking [if you bothered to get this far in the reading] "Hmm, that sounds like my ________(insert champ) build, only it has _______ (insert item) different" Orrrr...thats a waste of time for my champ...but take a look at it, try it a few times. It is a generic, VERY strong DPS build. It assigns about half of its damage from magic, half from physical, has armor pen, and dodge block. It does this damage passively, that is, requires only auto-attack and will still rape if taunted or silenced. Items have taken the place of crazy skills, and in turn that has strongly limited the available amount of builds. People aren't being inventive because there is really no need to. This is on the whole of course, not representative of all.

BUT I believe when making or assessing a chara, one should look at how many different basic skills are crammed into their abilities.

Let's take Xin Zhao for example...
His charge....it is damage, flash, and slow. Three abilities when added together make it, in my opinion, overpowered. Why? Because three very basic abilities were crammed into one skill. 3 summoners skill in a form, a flash (he gets to target close range location), a damager (ignite reference...I KNOW ITS DIFFERENT), and an exhaust (yadda yadda).
Why is his 3 talon good? It does one thing on top of damage, and he has to keep up with you. (Did I say the whole champ was OP, no!) The disable is awesome when he pops you, but he's already got 3 status affectors on you from E, it needs a balance.

His arm...an interrupt, a backwards flash, and damage. LIMIT: Its a skillshot. verdict: Strong but not OP.
His power fist: Damage, Interrupt: Strong but not OP
His Ult: Damage, Silence (Light-Interrupt): Strong but not OP.
WHEN THESE 3 INTERRUPTS ARE PUT TOGETHER....It is overpowered, yes, overpowered. No one champ should be able to shut off another champ for that long in a row, IN ADDITION to almost having another back by the time the third goes off. It team fights it is too much because of the basic status affectors involved.

Bringing this full circle, that is why shaco was not overpowered, it took one skill for very different affects each time.
Deceive: Flash and damage
JitB: Fear (Strong Interrupt) and Damage LIMIT: Position
Schiv: Slow and Damage
Hallucinate...when it boils down to it, its just damage. the nerf on THIS was correct about the not holding items, it sucks for shaco players, and i hate it, but it needed to happen.
Point being, they could still do anything to get away once you are on them. The difference I am talking about here is when Xin Zhao rains on you, its not likely you are getting away. When BC does so, same story. When Shaco does, just get to a turret. He's been overnerfed, along with a few other champs. I feel as though a bunch of things need to be looked at along those lines.

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Well I am going to bump it. Lawlz. Wanted feedbackz.