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Another GD thread asking Riot to do something about Dominion

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Except for those with common sense right?

Dominion has a lot of problems. "Doesn't have ranked" isn't one; and the excuses Riot gave for not turning it on are legitimate (even if they aren't the actual reasons they haven't enabled ranked, which they probably aren't).

Dominion is my favorite map, and I want it to get attention as much as anybody else. But this "ranked will fix it" mentality is nothing more than wishful thinking that needs to stop. Ranked did not make TT any less of an unbalanced, broken, joke of a map, and it won't do that for Dominion either. It'll just make it another mode for bad players to "earn" rewards they don't deserve in.

Dominion needs actual help, and actual changes. Then it can get ranked.

FDru, you're awesome <3.