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Mouse Displacement (Minor)

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Everytime i press CMD + TAB, or use another program while LoL is loading in full screen. Then go back to playing LoL, the screen suddenly moves up slightly, so my mouse clicks are slightly higher in game, then they actually are.
For example when i move using the minimap, the destination is higher then the place i actually clicked. Clicking on dragon, makes my champ move to blue buff area.

It is very annoying, because when i use items, such as DFG, it takes a long time for me to aim the enemy champion, then end up dying.

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To be clear, you're saying that the position of the mouse pointer on screen, and the actual position the game thinks the mouse pointer is at, are slightly off, correct?

I did notice this early on in the beta, but not recently. I noticed that trying to click and drag to rearrange my inventory was off by around 10-15 pixels, and that cmd+tab sometimes fixed the error, though I never attributed the cause of the error to cmd+tab itself. I smartcast everything at this point, so its entirely possible its still happening and I'm just not noticing, as re-arranging my inventory usually happens only half a dozen times a game, and I'm usually in a hurry when I do so.