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I can't login the mac beta client

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Junior Member


Hello, so everything loads fine, but once the game is loaded and I type in my info, it won't let me login. Says it's incorrect combination of username and password, yet i can log into the website just fine. Do i have to sign up for something in order to use my account on the Mac beta client???

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There are different accounts depending on what Mac Beta Client you are referring to.
If you are referring to the PBE Mac Beta Client, you need a specific PBE account to access it.
If you are referring to the live servers Mac Beta Client, you need a normal League of Legends account in order to log into it.

That being said: If you only signed up for League when the Mac Beta Client was purely in the PBE, then you need to sign up for a regular League account in order to access the Live servers
(Live Servers: AKA the game that you can download by clicking the PLAY FOR FREE button and then clicking "Already have an account? Download the Game" button)

I hope that made sense.

I'm not sure if your Forum account is linked with your League account if that's the information you're putting in.

Your best bet if you're really having a problem and can't find a way to access your information (or if you're sure your information is correct and it's simply not logging you in) is to just click the PLAY FOR FREE button and create a new account. My bet is that you signed up for the PBE when the Mac Client first came out and therefore you can't log into the live servers because you purely have a PBE account.
(Or vice versa: You signed up for a Live account and now you are trying to get onto the PBE and can't do so. In which case, you would just simply need to download the Live client as opposed to the PBE)