Some issues

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This happens very often: I open the launcher, it loads for a while (before opening) and a message tells me that "Another instance of the laucher is already running, do you want to terminate it?" It's weird because Activity Monitor doesn't show any instance of the laucher.

Also, and more important, I had an issue with patching: it would't finish patching and it would tell me that "Unspecified error occurred. Please check the logs for more info." I deleted the application, downloaded it again and the issue remains.

What should I do?

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Search activity monitor for the process "UserKernel", that's the culprit. It often hangs behind after you finish playing and close the game improperly, or even properly. Just click the OK at that dialog when you launch LoL.

Post your system specs and logs, and perhaps we can fix the error you're having.