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Comic Contest Errors: Couldn't Submit, Can't Vote. pls help.

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Errors with the comic contest first prevented me from submittting my comic and now prevent me from voting.
After entering all of the needed information and submitting my comic before the deadline, I eventually was sent to a blank page instead of anything confiriming my submission. By the time my internet managed to bring me back to the submission main contest page, submission was closed.
Now, when I try to vote for other comics I am greeted with a nice drop-down menu and no comics whatsoever.
I couldn't submit, and now I can't vote either. I spent a great deal of time on my comic and lost a lot of sleep working on it and now all of my effort is for nothing and I can't even participate in any way. Riot, pls help.
Update: I can sometimes see comics if I am directly linked to them.

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Senior Wrenchman



Thanks for the report, I'll look into this.