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Ping jumping from 20 to 500 every few minutes

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With today's hotfix (I'm not sure what they fixed) I've been getting weird lag spikes that make my ping jump up into the 300-500 range....

Another weird thing is I can't tab out, I'm running Windows 8 in desktop mode and normally I can tab out like I could if I was on Windows 7 but now when I do it shows a bunch of default boxes I can tab to but when I select one I'm only given a blue screen.... Then when I try to alt+tab again I can see League running or I can go to the Windows 8 Home screen. This has never happened before...

Also, I've noticed that most of the lag spikes only seem to happen during the lane phase, although I think it happened at least once during the late game phase... I have no idea what that could possibly mean

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Uninstall Pando Media Booster and tell me if that fixes your problem. It's a torrent-like program used when installing League of Legends that will help some people download & patch the game quicker, but after initially installing the game often times it just steals a player's bandwidth and causes them to lag occasionally.

Alternatively, what is your ISP? Some providers have issues interacting with League of Legends for some reason, and when I see multiple people having the same LAG issue I believe that an ISP could be the culprit.