Lcs 2013

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So I'm really, really into League (kinda a nerd, haha) and I really love watching games from the LCS, specifically the NA ones. My favourite team has to be Curse, hands down.

My question is, are there other fans out there that also love watching LCS games? If so, what was your favourite game to watch?

**If this isn't the right place for this type of post, I'm really sorry. New to League and I don't really know where to post other than here.

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I love watching the LCS games. Some of the really long/close games are really fun - like the Vulcan/TSM game a little while ago, and a few more recently (Dignitas/Complexity maybe? Can't remember). I usually don't finish watching games that are total stomps.

This isn't a bad forum to discuss them, really, since watching a lot of the LCS matches can be really helpful for new players to see things like team comps, and how teams go after objectives, and how pros will teamfight. Some things can be a little misleading/confusing to newer players (like 2v1 lanes, why teams might focus a frontline tank, etc), but it's still a really valuable resource.