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President Dong



After 3.0.4 patch, every game I try to play I get a bugsplat before the loading screen. I tried reinstalling and it did absolutely nothing. Anyone know what I could try to do to fix this?

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Senior Member


same, i went into loading screen after loaded my loading screen closed out and got a game still in progress with no reconnect so i closed out league and logged back in and got a reconnect i did and when i fully loaded i got a bugsplat error. this is pissing me off as my smurf account was suspended cause of this from leaverbuster and now its on my main too.

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Junior Member


Same exact thing here. Was in a ranked game with a friend, black loading screen, 7 min load time, bug splat at 91%. Anyway I can get loss forgiven. Never had problems before patch....

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Senior Wrenchman


Unfortunately there's not usually much we can do here about bugsplats.

Below is a little guide on what they are and some options,

I got a BugSplat Error
1. BugSplat is Riot's critical and compatibility error reporting tool. It's used to identify game conflicts with your specific system.
2. Unfortunately, this means that these issues happen on a case-by-case basis and it's hard to offer a fix on the forums.
3. Some basic things to try include taking a look at this article in the KB (https://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/20739888-bug-splat), updating your DirectX, Video Card Drivers, Microsoft Dot NET Frameworks, Windows Updates, Reinstalling LoL
4. As mentioned, because these issues are system specific they are difficult to address on the forums. If you need additional help please make sure you submit your BugSplat report, follow up with a ticket to Riot Support and include your DxDiag report.