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Noxus vs Demacia: Vincent

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Clayton Cavalo

Junior Member


"My passage thru the lands of Demacia was rather troublesome... We had to deal with many small patrols and hordes of assassins that chased after us with all they're might

We ran into some villages, neutrals to war, that were completely decimated.
There was no one alive, nor children nor women and as we got further into the buildings I could always see a pile of corpses into a stick, were a document, sealed with the shiny demacian symbol said
"These people were accused of betrayal by hiding fugitives of the crown."

My hate for that kingdom could move mountains and, some day, I swear for my own life, I`ll destroy that place..."

"I arrived at the far realm of Noxus and, at first sight, it was nothing but a huge city on the base of a volcano. Never the less what I feared about that place was not its constructions, even the night was vast and deep.

The leader of the group who rescued me from my death penalty presented himself as Talon, he was a humble and simple man, I could familiarize with people like that easily. He asked me if he could introduce me to someone.

We entered in the depths of the city, in a dark and hidden building we found a huge and modest saloon, were I recognized the man in front of me as Jericko Swain, a huge leader of Noxus intelligence. They heard about me and offered a position on they're organization as a strategic and political leader.

I accepted right away claiming to know the stories of the great organization behind the spurge of the illness that afflicted the nobles of Noxus. Applause's came even from the hand of the great general Darius"

I reached a well known position among those people, many times I made plans and ambushed the political and military enemies of the organization, I reached a place so important I had followers and the population was supporting me. Important enough i got access to the symbol that stayed on the center of all our ideals
"The green dagger" . They said it was able to resurrect an entire army from the dead, but no one was able to use it, no one had the ability to use it

I did what I was planing to do since the beginning. This was never my place and I would never reach Demacia from here. I would never re encounter my companions from here...

So I stole it. I stole the most important thing from that organization, but i needed it. I would never be able to do anything without power"

"I'm back where my faith belongs.."

Vincent The Traitor
Vincent was born on the demacian slums and his fathers died wen he was very little. He had to learn to survive since an really early age and the only way he found how to do it was using his head. He started recruiting other kids and planned big assaults. When he was only a teenager he created what became the biggest illegal guild of all Demacia "The Green Snakes".

They always asked him why not leave the city, they had no place there. But he would always respond "My goal is to destroy this hell covered with walls so no one ever needs to be born on it".

The day came where Vincent had on his hands people enough to call an army, and so as everyone expected, he fought against the demacian tropes. His strategic was almost perfect and always safe, but thanks to the ability of Demacia to throw away life's of soldiers with no regard, they were pushed away from the gates and chased to death.

Seeing that his companions were to die because of his acts he offered himself as a prisoner so they turn they're attention to him and his subordinates could run. He was sentenced to die on an execution spot close to the capital.

During his transportation he was rescued by the infamous Talon from Noxus, the major enemy from Demacia. Nothing could have irritated more the nobles from Demacia than that.

He was brought to Noxus where he joined Jericko's Swain intelligence organization and stayed for almost 3 years learning how to war and guide people to your ideals.

Vincent got his hands on the ultimate weapon from Noxus, an artifact called the "Green Dagger" known to have a huge power and betrayed Jericko Swain saying he needed to solve the things between his companions first.

Months after he left, the gates of Noxus opened and in front of more than two thousand soldiers armed with demacian artifacts and equipments was Vincent on his knees, his gesture was mirrored by the mans.

"I'm back where my faith belongs.."