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High School of Legends: The Story of Rumble

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The Story of Rumble

Chapter 1
The Madness Came from Somewhere

“Man this job sucks, hike all day down a trail, and for what? Just to throw our lives away for a few whacks on some tower?” said Craig the caster minion.

“Job? What job? We’re not getting paid, we’re prisoners,” replied Dave.

“I shouldn’t even be here, I’m not like you guys!”

“Why? What’d you get caught for?”

“Tax evasion.”

“Public schools need that money. You’re basically stealing from kids.”

“Seriously? You killed a guy! I’m nowhere near as bad as you!”

“I had my reasons. What you did was pretty messed up too, just saying.”

“This is BS man, we should just bolt.”

“Shutup, don’t step out of the line or the siege guy will kill you.”

“We’re already on a death march! C’mon, we can dodge a few cannonballs, just a few steps and we’re homefree!”

“General Swain said any deserters will get hung out in the sun and left to die to insects over a 7 day period. Plus I’ll lose my retirement plan. I have a family to think about man.”

“You’re going to DIE either way. Do you even know what’s at the end of this trail? No one ever seems to come back.”

“Well I ain’t gonna disobey Swain.”

“YOU TWO, SHUTUP OR I’M PUTTING A CANONBALL IN YOU!” roared the Siege boss at them, Craig’s hair flying back from the force of his voice.

Dave and Craig both began to wipe the spit from their faces when they were interrupted by a series of horrible screams, and then, fire, nothing but fire and pain.

A torrent of missiles flared out of the sky and exploded across the ground in front of them, immolating the Siege boss and sending the other four minions running away screaming. As they struggled to escape the missile devastation, an enormous river of fire erupted from the grass next to them. The flames showered across the survivors, the blaze of them so fierce it somehow drowned out their screams.

Dave and Craig stumbled backward in fright, grasping for words to describe the carnage.

There was nothing though.

Nothing but laughter from off in the distance, the voice of a yordle. The cackling of that blue yordle. It would haunt Craig and Dave forever as they wandered away from the rift.