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SUGGESTIONS: Ranked System (Solo Queue)

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After being stuck in Tier V for the longest of time, I've found so many things that bring you down. Leavers, people that pick champions they've never even played, trolls, etc etc etc. It seems like the list of "invalid" reasons to lose are much higher than those of legit 5v5 matches. You win a match and you get 15 LP. However, if you lose the match, you lose 20 LP. Unless you get lucky for several games in a row, chances are someone will screw you over...

Below are a few suggestions to make going up in rank for those that should be going up better.

1.) Less LP required to advance though the Tiers.
This one is easy, but the numbers might need some adjusting. Example:
Tier V - 60 LP
Tier IV - 70 LP
Tier III - 80 LP
Tier II - 90 LP
Tier I - 100 LP

2.) LP gained when enemy team dodges.
Something like 1-3 LP on enemy dodges should be awarded. If you picked a better meta than them, and they feel dodging is the only way, the points the dodger loses should be given to the other team.

3.) Points lost = points gained
When I lose the match, and lose 20 LP, the enemy team should be gaining the 20 LP. While I don't know if this is how it's currently working, I know I've never received over 16 LP on a win and constantly lose 20 LP on losses.

4.) Tier Advancement on wins
Example: If someone has won 50 matches in the same Tier, they should be able to advance to the the Best of Series despite their LP total. If they fail, and continue to fail to reach the LP goal, then each 50 won matches, gives them a chance to move out.

5.) Teammates are same Tier
I'm getting people that are ranked bronze, with me being the only silver. I want to be playing with people that are in my same tier, so I don't have possible toxic players from lower tiers screwing the match up.

Remember, to get rid of those "trolling" the games, they need to see they even have a chance to advance. If they have to constantly get to 100 LP every tier, they are less likely to try as they would if they were close to going up in rank.

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