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Quinn Skin Feedback

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So I'm not sure what the protocol was for it, but I recently got a survey in my email asking me for some feedback on Quinn and Valor's art with comparisons between her base skin and the Phoenix skin. While I was asked to provide some short analysis about the two, I thought I might provide some more detailed feedback here.

Reasons I didn't consider buying the Phoenix skin:
1) Thematically Bland: Fire, fire, fire. Everywhere in the League you turn, something or someone is on fire. Brand, Annie, Sunfire Capes, Liandry's Torment, etc. etc. etc. Always with the fire. While phoenixes are definitely pretty cool, is a champion who spends a lot of time outside of bird form really an appropriate place to put that skin? There's nothing about Quinn that speaks to me as being particularly "phoenix-like", and none of her animations in game or the splash art really do anything to spice up this particular interpretation.

2) Recolor: Is Phoenix Quinn really all that different from Base Quinn? Not really, she's still wearing a fairly similar outfit, and Valor is still a bird (albeit on fire). I need something to really wow me about a skin to make it a first day purchase. A great example of this is Reverse Tibbers Annie or Dragon Tamer Lulu. I bought RTA the instant I saw it, there wasn't any doubt in my mind that I needed that skin RIGHT NOW. Phoenix Quinn is, at best, something I would consider picking up on sale.

I might add more later, but these were the big things.