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Rant on Ranked

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I posted this same rant in General Discussion without realizing that this sub-forum might be a better place for it. If a mod wants to move it, feel free.


Before I start this rant I should preface with the fact that I am not new to LoL.

I am having a hard time understanding the lack of reasoning and foresight when Riot decided to implement the new ranked system. All of it seemed great and I agree that at it's core, the idea is fantastic. Playing the old ranked system did feel a little underwhelming especially when moving less than 100 points after winning many games in a row.

The problem I am having mostly has to do with the series and tier promotion system.

I don't know how many other people have this same issue but we (my team and I) have noticed that during the promotion games, the teams you play against are not at all guaranteed to be anywhere near the same tier as your team. It would make sense, when trying to see if a team should qualify to move up if the teams you had to beat were ranked slightly under, equal or slightly above your team. But this is not the case, and I proclaim a big, "Riot playing this game is now lame and you suck."

My 3s team is not the best, it is not fantastic, and maybe we deserve our tier. But what bothers me for starters is 1) we win 4/5 games for placement and we end up bronze. That's tolerable, since we can always win an move up, 2) when promotion comes around we play people that are 2-4 tiers above us. HOW FUN.... ffs.

Why is it that a Bronze 1 team can consecutively get to series promotion(we are on the 4th attempt now) without losing more than 10% of our games to get there and yet still never promote. I'll tell you how, we have to play Gold, Diamond, and Platinum players usually 3/5 of our promotion games.

So riot here is something that needs to be implemented. If a team is up for promotion, a team that is ranked 2 or more tiers above, is not an appropriate match. If a team is up for promotion, a team that is currently doing placement and is unranked is not an appropriate match, especially when the players on the other team are 2 or more tiers higher in ranked 5s.

I'd like to finish by saying that I enjoyed the game, and like many have tolerated some of the gross imbalances that were in place and are currently in place, but unless this system is fixed, I will no longer be playing. It's frustrating, it's annoying, I used to like giving your company money, but in all honesty, since preseason 3, the game has been so unpleasant that I have to take breaks for weeks at a time in order to not uninstall out of frustration.

Take Care,