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Lux poem

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This is a tale, of Lux the mage
She was bright and funny, just 19 of age

She was the youngest of mages, to master her craft
When her peers would struggle, she would look on and laugh

Her friends often thought her, a bit of a snot
So they gathered together, and started to plot

Trick her they would, with their own sort of spell
To chop off her hair, and make her breath smell

That would teach her, to not be so good
To be humble and quiet, the things a girl should

To strike that night, it was decided upon
Two would spell her, while the others looked on

Snuck up behind her, as close as they dare
When suddenly she turned and casted a snare

Caught promptly both were, by her power of light
Immediately embarrased, to Lux's delight

The lesson they learned, was important that day
Lux is the best, just get out of her way

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It's unfortunate that great success can also bring great jealousy, and being quite the prodigy must have brought some unwanted attention for poor Lux. Nicely done! :3