Survey Time!

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Hey everyone, I'm just curious to see everyone's opinion on certain things! Please don't flame as these are opinions.

1. What is your favorite role to play as? (carry, support, tank, etc)
2. Who is your favorite champion to play?
3. What champion do you always play amazing as?
4. What champion(s) makes you want to smash your head on your keyboard whenever you see them on the other side of the lane?
5. What champion(s) do you think needs a nerf?
6. What champion(s) do you think needs a buff?
7. What is your favorite champion skin?

1. Beefy DPS/Off tank
2. Nasus
3. Malzahar
4. Miss Fortune or Sona
5. Morgana's shield and Sona
6. Alistar and Katarina
7. Pharaoh Nasus