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Zac's skin isn't up to par with other skins.

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Its not because its bad but because they stated no more recolors of standard skins which I look at this skin and there is not much new.

Sure they changed his color to purple and changed his arms and antenna. Of coarse they did manage to add new animations for his W and black smoke which makes no sense. His recall animation is cool at least. Which really it should be his standard recall because I feel that a special weapon zac wouldn't flex his muscles.

Things they could of done to improve the skin is give him something inside his gooey body like a little containment home inside him. When he recalls he drops and makes himself go into it and the "home" sparkles and teleports him to the base then he slowly goes out of it and reforms himself back into his standard form. His death animation would be him exploding into a biggish mess and the "home" falling to the ground and shattering. his passive would be the "home" falling to the ground with four blobs scrambling to from around it again.

This idea works since the Special weapon Zac is when Zac was contained and made into a weapon for the zauns. the home being like a heart for Zac not able to leave it behind and a way of controlling Zac's powers as a weapon and not having free will.