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LeBlanc is gamebreakingly overpowered

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LeBlanc is everything the old twisted fate was x2.

-impossible to lane versus in a 1v1 situation if the leblanc is banging on the keyboard. Spells deal far too much damage and counter harassing is nullified by Distortion.
-An insanely OP ult that does stupid amounts of damage and ensures a kill at level 6, every time.
- Impossible to stop from snowballing, and then impossible to 1v1 if hes anything more than 1 level higher than you
- Does a single-target burst for over 100% of most champions hit points which you cannot escape from.
- Impossible to run away from due to 2 blinks and a ridiculous OP slow/snare

Its really plain ridiculous. She is beyond S-tier in so many ways, and in the hands of a concious player literally breaks the game. No hero stands a chance versus LeBlanc in the laning phase, and if they want to get xp they will probably have to give up first blood, essentially losing the game bc massive snowball of snow.

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Malzahearty Soup



Spawn more shamblers.