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[Guide] Durasticks

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Junior Member


I've been playing durasticks for a while now, but mine is different:

- blue gem till 1100
- Sorcerers boots + ganks with crowstorm
- haunting guise
- turn blue geminto catalyst
- turn catalyst into banshees
- chainmail
- abyssal scepter
- turn chainmail into GA
- warmogs

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Senior Member


Is Crow Storm interruptible? If so, why not Banshee's Veil?

It has a two second channel, and after casting is uninterruptable. I'll agree that B-veil is a good item on Fiddle...

But a spell-shield is a crutch that will keep you from getting off true "Pro-Storms". Thing is, every item in my guide (aside from boots) offers some combination of cdr, mpen, ap, and durability. B Veil only offers durability.

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Love this guide, but it's interesting to note that you still shouldn't be initiating. Durasticks is second in, after the enemy has comitted to the fight. Hence, fiddles will never be a tank.

Thought it bore mentioning, I play this mentality with fiddles myself and had to convince my friends that we still needed an amumu/shen/what have you when planning composition.