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(livejournal thread) I am usually pretty nice...

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... but recently I've been kind of a jerk.

Sorry this is kind of a /vent thread... feel free to skip over it, but I need to get this out there. Self-therapy and all that.

It all started about a week ago when I was in my promotion series for Silver 1. I won the first game easily. Feeling great. Then I had my jungler DC at level 3 and never come back. OK, it happens. No big deal. I can win game 3. Then my support DCs at level 1 and continues to reconnect/disconnect for the rest of the match, resulting in my ADC getting stomped in lane as the support is level 8 when everyone else is 16-18.

So boom, lost my series due to two 4v5s in a row.

For the last few days since then, nothing has gone right. It seems like every game one of my solo lanes has been feeding, and I'm not talking one or two kills... I'm talking an enemy Rumble with 13 kills by 20 minutes, that kind of thing. Incredibly, I've managed to carry a few of those games. I've been running about 50% wins/losses since losing my series (I'm at 60 league points in Silver 2 right now)... but it has been exhausting, hard work carrying these games. Every win has been a 40-50+ minute come-from-behind slogfest as I've tried to make the calls to overcome how fed the enemy is from my solo laners. Most of the losses have been brutal "surrender at 20" games when my team just gives up after they feed.

I know this is just variance and eventually the pendulum is going to swing back my way. A 50% winrate over a week is not even that bad, but it feels bad to me. I've been on a steady climb for a long time now, and I know I can carry these teams.

But, during this slide I've been pretty harsh on my team for mistakes. A lot moreso than normal. I've been acting like a jerk frankly, and I know this isn't helping me win more games. I'm trying to improve my attitude.

This game sure can make it difficult though.

TL;DR: had a streak of terrible teammates, still trying to carry and maintaining ~50/50 win/loss for the last week, but acting like kind of a jerk as I get more and more frustrated with my teammates. Trying to improve my behavior. Sorry to those of you playing with me that I've been a d-bag lately.

Thanks for reading.