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The best idea to get rid of trolls period!!!!!

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OK you know how you can ignore people if they bother you after you end a game in post game chat? why not transform that into more? I'm talking about making it to where the game will never pair you up in cue with people you have on ignore list. so what that means is noobs and trolls get separated from normal players then noobs ignore the trolls and eventually learn to play and get high enough elo to get off troll ignore list......

then the league is split into 3 leagues: the normal player league, the noob league, and the troll league which will wipe itself out eventually cause imagine 5 trolls playing vs 5 trolls?....it wouldn't make sense they would just have to uninstall.

all need to do is make a slight reprogram in the software that arranges the games and pairs up players to not pair up players with players they are ignoring so if one player already recognized a troll and ignored him the other 4 buddies hell be paired with wont even ever need to ignore him and might not get paired with him for a long time if only 10 people are ignoring him and if they ever do get paired they will suffer only once.

trolls are incapable of abusing this system for obvious reasons. (1) a troll gains nothing from putting you on his ignore list hes actually helping you out. (2) if you are a normal player and someone ignores you cause they don't like you and not cause you feeding or trolling that wont put you in the troll league cause that would happen rarely compared to how many times a troll will get put on ignore list by people.
you'll still play in normal league but just not be paired with certain people,in fact this will improve chances that people you don't like will be on enemy team cause if the person who didn't like you will be a normal player like you and have higher elo than trolls and noobs just like you so winning feels even better against your enemies and you'll be paired with them and challenged by them more often and not be bothered by trolls.

if the game can record details like your wins losses,etc it can also record an ignore list easily and calculate that into pairing up players. this would end trolling forever guys so up vote this post and call your riot friend now.!!!!!! : )

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I'm talking about making it to where the game will never pair you up in cue with people you have on ignore list.

This has been discussed on the forums for years. You know why it's never happened and never will? Because it is super exploitable.

Let's say you go into a game and lose horribly. All the players on the other team were clearly higher skilled than you. What can you do to make sure you never get paired with these people that are better than you? Ignore them so you'll never have to play against them again! Genius! So now you can just ignore anybody better than you so that you'll never be paired against players who are better than you.

Okay, so for the average player that is rather unrealistic, since the player pool is so large. But where it gets to be more of a concern is at the highest level of play. The guy in the 100th spot on the ladders could very easily add all 99 people ahead of him to his ignore list, which would pretty much guarantee that he'd be the highest rated player in all of his games, since he's basically blocked all the people who are better than him from being in his games.

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wait., I thought if I ignored someone I'd never have to play with them again?