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Food For Thought

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The Bitterness

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Comment if you like, but please be civil.

Here's a thought in respect to Ranked Dominion that I have yet to see. Following the official League of Legends Timeline (mouse over the News button and choose the first option):

-Twisted Treeline came out 20 March 2010;
-Season One started on 13 July 2010;

There were just less than four months between the advent of a new map and it being part of any competitive season.

-Dominion came out 26 September 2011;
-Season Two started 22 November 2011;
-Season Three started 01 February 2013;

There were just less than two months between the advent of a new map and the first competitive season it could be a part of and, to be fair, seventeen months between the advent of said map and the first competitive season it could legitimately be a part of.

Granted, SR and TT are similar enough mechanically to warrant TT's quick entry into official competitive play. It was just over a year and a half between the advent of Dominion and Season Three, yet there was no attempt at all to add official competitive play.

Twisted Treeline received a map overhal on 25 October 2012, yet Dominion has yet to receive any real attention. (No, it is not possible to consider the changes to the global aura on Dominion as 'real attention.')

This next does not pertain to the official League of Legends Timeline:

ARAM is receiving a new map sometime in the near future (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3227822). This means that one official and one non-official map/game mode have received reworks and Dominion has received no such real attention.

People that have been rather publicly permabanned have been involved with SR competitive play: no one who plays Dominion. While contentious, it seems to be the consensus that SR has a significantly more toxic player base than Dominion. Despite this, again, contentious bit of reasoning, Riot continues to support SR and SR-like modes while giving no real attention to Dominion.

Nome crowdsources for ideas on how to improve Dominion, despite being in a better position that the playerbase to truly understand the intricacies of Dominion. It isn't uncommon for issues to be brought to Nome's attention and there be no response or confusion from Nome's end. (No, I will not provide examples. How many would be enough, for the people not inclined to agree with me, anyway? And which ones, too?) Then again, this is the person that thought the initial incarnation of BFT and the rework of BC were good ideas out the gate.

It doesn't take much investigation to see that Riot has no real care for this game mode and it's really disturbing. Even the language Riot uses in respect to League of Legends omits any consideration of Dominion. There is absolutely nothing that the Dominion playerbase can do aside from simply do their best to enjoy Dominion as, after all this time, nothing that they've said or did has made any impact on Riot's decisions.

There won't be a red post to this (unless Nome feels like saying 'nuh-uh!' or something of the sort) and we know there won't be a red post. I didn't and don't expect one. All I aimed to do here was share a few thoughts I've been thinking of for the past year and finally got around to putting them out there. Comment if you like but, again, please be civil.

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While your name is appropriate, it is indeed hard to argue with the facts. I've been playing Dominion for quite awhile now and love the mode, but I've given up on giving Riot the benefit of the doubt here. I was (and would like to be) a stalwart defender of what will happen with Dominion, but after this most recent laser-cap bug, it is pretty clear that they really don't pay attention and/or don't care about what happens here.

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As a diehard Dominion player, it truly is sad to see the attention that could so easily be spent on making this mode better, less buggy, and ready for Ranked mode being diverted elsewhere.
Take into account what Brackhar stated in the first lines of the link provided above.
"For the past few months I’ve been working with an exceptional team of artists to create a space that’s an appropriate setting for both the epic battles that occur in ARAM, and within the world of Runeterra at large."
That looks like a few months that could have been preparing Dominion to take the next step, unless their next step with Dominion is to wait until the bugs destroy the mode completely and the just delete the game mode all together and accept it as a failure.
I see constant epic battles in dominion, but more often than not they are ruined by a super Rammus cycle capping points, a shaco backcapping all game and disappearing never to be caught, or any of the other champions that are ridiculously overpowered and impossible to deal with or even catch up to, without choosing overpowered champions to counter them. Maybe a little Champion Banning would help but without ranked or a Draft mode community, this is impossible.
Also I'd like to mention the tenacity problem, where all the map choice allows is Mercs, or Zephyr, which is not a good range of options for AP champs..
But the real problem is that there is almost NO DRAFT MODE COMMUNITY.
People gave up on it, and since there are so little people playing it, the 20 minute queue timer caused by this, is also incentive enough to ensure no one ever goes back.
This game mode should either be fixed and helped moving into a real competitive zone like the other modes, or given up on completely. The half ass attitude towards it is not showing of good company decision making in the least to appease all it's dedicated players.

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The truth, so bitter.