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"focus the squishies"

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Ahh, tyvm with your replies. I will try to communicate with my teammates next time, thanks c:

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If your ADC is diving in face-first, they are not playing their role properly. In team fights, there are 3 lines. Your front line is your tank, typically where you wanna stick your Jungler and your Top laner, because they're normally the ones who have built some resistance in the form of armour and/or magic resist. Their up front because they have the ability to soak up the damage, while still being able to come out of the fight alive. They also offer good CC which allows you to initiate better - because of this, you typically want to stick them in front.

The mid is your support. By being in the middle, the support is able to be right in the thick of things. They can buff up the carries from behind, heal up the tanky bruisers up front, and also act as another shield for your squishier carries.

The back line is - like you guessed it - composed of the two carries. This is because staying behind your teams tanks as well as the support means that your Carries will not be able to be focused or targeted by the enemy team. This will allow them to unleash the full brunt of their force without having to worry about dying.

At lower levels, most players have no clue about positioning (Any many other key concepts to the game - e.g Warding, Laning phase, Objectives). This is a common problem from level 1-15ish. Many people don't know where to be in a teamfight, and many people don't understand their roles. Don't worry, you'll start to jump into a place where people will actually start to know what their doing.

At around level 20ish, nearly everyone that plays will have a solid idea of what their role is and what they need to do. To answer your question, your tank or jungler should typically be the one to initiate, because like I said earlier, they can soak up most of the damage. Most of the times, initiates mean burning your ult, so champs like Jarvan IV's Cataclysm, Malphite's Unstoppable Force, and Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy are huge in team fights if done properly. Occasionally, Support champions can even be the ones to initiate - Sona, for example, has an incredible initiation tool with her ultimate, Crescendo, which has a 2 second stun that can grab a hold of the entire team.

Carries should NEVER initiate. Seriously. NEVER.

Like I said earlier, if you see that your carry is diving in, it's probably because you're playing with some lower level people who don't understand positioning and only want to jump in and get as many kills as possible - Rambo style.

Positioning is so key in team fights, especially in higher levels.

So, a quick summary:
Initiation should come from Tank/Jungler 9 out of 10 times. IF your support has a nasty CC that can lock up key members of the team (Sona's Crescendo, Lux's Light Binding), then the support can be the one to initiate AS LONG as they are far enough to NOT be the first one to get murdered.

Carries should NEVER EVER EVER initiate. Hell should freeze over before a carry jumps in to initiate.

Once a team fight gets into full swing, DO NOT break your position. Tank/Jungler in front, Support mid, Carries in the back. If they have someone that tries to leap into your carries, Support becomes a human shield, Tank/Jungler try to pick them off, Carries either a) get the hell out or b) blow them the hell up.

Long read, but hope it helps!
even if im ashe?no long distance initate then