Rumble laning tips

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I'm looking forward to using rumble more often as he's a really strong
teamfighter, but I'm struggling against the bruisers of top lane during laning.

He seems way too squishy and weak early game to effectively trade damage.
For example, even if i get a full flamespitter off my opponent in that time if they are somebody like khazix or darius they can burst me to 50 percent. And yes, I do
have armor runes...

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You don't get close. You shoot them with harpoons, chase them down with flamespitter, (keeping your distance) and when they come to get you, you turn around and W. If you start at 0 heat, you can use three abilities, with the third gaining the passive 50% bonus. You want Flamespitter to get it every time you harass.

The thing about Rumble is, you shouldn't trade. You should harass. They shouldn't ever get hits on you. That's the beauty of a ranged lane bully with no mana.

EDIT: If you're mid lane, play safe. If you're top... Well.

If you're top, you have the advantage. Unless they have a point and click gap closer. Don't pick Rumble if they pick Xin when you can avoid it. If they have a snare or grab (Darius) you counter him until he gets ahead on CS or kills, so basically a skill matchup. If it's Garen or someone like that, start cloth armor, 5x pots, and laugh ever tim.