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The Summoner Files: Brand

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This is the first of a series that my friend and I hope to continue with. It is/will be heavily lore based so if you have not read the lore (which I suggest you do) or do not want to hear about it then I can't say you'll appreciate these stories to their maximum potential, however limited that may be. If you do like the story I'd be very excited to hear feedback and we will continue to write these stories about the champions in different styles depending on the content of each one. So without further ado: Brand.


“What have you found for us?” boomed a familiar voice from the darkness. A light suddenly shone down, illuminating two cloaked figures. One of them then began to speak into the empty void in front of him.
“We have found testimonies, reports, journals, conducted interviews, read doz-” began the man.
“Enough! Who, who are you reporting about to this council.” echoed the first voice.
“We are reporting about those who have seen this worlds most feared enemy.” the second figure said. “These are their stories.”


28th day of the 3rd month of the 612th year
The ship arrived this morning just at the sun was cresting the horizon. I know because I couldn't sleep a wink all night. The rest of my crew, I am sure, have drifted off into a drunken slumber after their night of debauchery and alcohol. Now my morning is going to be spent in thought, waiting for our ship to be refueled. The job we’re taking, some summoners council bull**** up north to investigate something they found in the ice and bring it back down. I can’t say for sure what it is we’re bringing back but I can’t say that I feel comfortable about this at all, in fact the opposite. Something’s wrong with this.

“The next entry comes from later in that same day when the sailors journey began.”
Our ship has finally set sail and I am, at last, in the comfort of my own quarters. As expected my crew mates came to the ship swaying like pendulums that can sail ships. But we did get off the shoreline, eventually, but not without two extra passengers. We’ve managed to procure a summoner and someone , incredibly tall if I may add, named Kegan Rodhe from Lokfar, supposedly our guide. But I have no doubt that’s a lie. Mostly because I know that we don’t need any summoner to help us get around the ice, but also because I’ve heard Captain Shrew talking with the two discussed a lot about how they’d “cover this all up”, saying how if anything happened they’d swear the summoner was never there and that Kegan was with his fellow Lokfarians. If I know anything about this I know that I do not want to be a part of this.

“Our next entry is from another crew member, and where this story becomes much more interesting.”

3rd day of the 4th month of the 612th year
Something went wrong last night. Horribly wrong. We were attacked. We got thrown around so much by the waves all of yesterday that we ended up hundreds of thousands of units off course. When the storm died down and we could see again, we were surrounded by some kind of black ooze. No one knew where we were, not even the summoner, though he kept saying we were in The Guardian's Sea. Then summoner was began panicking, looking all around us, telling us we had to leave immediately. Then the ship started rocking, back and forth when we tried to leave. Shrew eventually sent his first mate, Nautilus, into the water in a dive suit to get our ship loose. But when he did the ooze in the water became alize, it reached up and pulled Nautilus towards the waters below. We all ran to try and save him but all he managed was to grab onto the side of the ship, pulling and bending the railing making a horrible noise. Shrew began shouting, about how we had to save the man in the water but the summoner had different ideas. The summoner began chanting, shouting strange words, casting some kind of powerful magic at the blackness below. But all he managed was to free the boat from the ooze and even as we sailed away we heard the screams and pleas coming from Nautilus’s suit as he sank below the surface, consumed by the black mass.

“And now, we have the final journal entry from the same crew member.”

12th day of the 4th month of the 612th year
We finally reached Lokfar today, through all adversity. This continent was completely new to me but Kegan seemed to know where he was going as he led the crew across the ice. We walked through the pale tundra for hours, crossing tens of thousands of units over icy hills, through deep ravines, and spanning planes before we saw it in the distance, the ice cave. As we walked closer to it Kegan began to panic, nearly clinging to the arm of the summoner, a strange action for a man of his size. Though as we reached the cave he seemed to become more solemn, telling us, as we began to light torches, that we wouldn’t need them in that cave. We soon crossed the threshold of the cave and into a surprisingly warm blast of air, something that should seemingly not be present in a place with such bitingly cold winds. Kegan led us down the path of the cave and though it was dark he seemed to know exactly where he was going and we soon came to the fire. The fire was in a pocket within the cave, hanging there, suspended in midair, it was something unnatural. I know it was only a small, dancing, tongue of fire but the way it hung, it seemed old, powerful, alive even. The next few minutes were taken up by Kegan and the summoner talking in hushed voices and the summoner walking around and around the small flame, muttering to himself all the time. Soon though he turned back to Kegan and told him to touch the fire, promising it was safe. The tall man resisted for a moment, even shouting at the summoner at one point but eventually consented believing the summoner would protect him, though it was not the case. He stepped forward, reaching towards the flame with a terrified expression on his face. As his bare fingertips came in contact with it there was a blinding flash, several shouts, and an almost inhuman screaming. The last thing that I saw before I covered my eyes however was the flame rage suddenly and grow larger before forcing itself into Kegan’s mouth. When we all uncovered our eyes to see what had happened we could barely make out anything, the flame was gone. From what I could see however I managed to make out the figure of the summoner rushing the tall man out of the room. As they ran down the hallways we could hear a horrible coughing and groaning coming from Kegan. The crew soon gathered their senses and we ran after the two men and into the daylight. I was the first out and there I saw the two man in front of me, the summoner had his arms above his head and seemed to be casting magic into the nothingness before them. As I caught my breath I saw that in a trail leading to the tall man there was a collection of black flakes and powder scattered across the snow. I was about to tell someone but the summoner suddenly brought his arms down and with a horrifying crack the ice split in two revealing a pathway of water, ending at the man’s foot. This seemed pointless to me for a moment but then I saw it, our ship, speeding towards us through the alley of ice. It came barreling towards us for almost a full minute but eventually came to a rest, crashing to the wall of ice before it. With this the summoner dropped his arms and turned towards us, shouting for us to get on as fast as we could, but the man’s face disturbed me. Blood was coming in a steady flow from his now sunken eyes as well as his nose. He threw Kegans arm over his shoulder and began hefting the man down towards the ship. As we began sailing and Lokfar became too far away for us to see, screams filled the air and could be heard from across the ship as the summoner, behind a locked door, did something seemingly horrible to Kegan. I cannot sleep tonight, not with those screams in my ears.

“I think we all know what happened then.” said the first summoner, putting down the burnt diary.

“For the record summoner, would you kindly recount for us what did happen.” spoke the booming voice.

“Of course, the salvage ship came into contact with the Great barrier, quite literally because it seems Summoner Alvar was propelling it, continuing to injure himself in the process, and crashed into a foothill of the mountains. The Institute heard about this within hours and began to arrive soon after. The wreck itself seemed to be perpetually ablaze and it took numerous summoners to extinguish the flames. The crew, well we’re not sure, most likely incinerated as the deck was scorched and melted from the heat, it’s a miracle that we were able to salvage what remains of the two journals. There was a trail of charred earth leading away from the wreckage which we followed for thousands of units until we found him. Brand. He was in a small valley, flames licking the sides of the hills and he seemed to be in a conflict with numerous Noxian troops and mages. We attempted to subdue him for some time, but we could not do it as we were. We bought a piece of a Nexus crystal out and the strongest of our group was able to use its power to transport the...well I couldn’t say man, whatever there was of Kegan Rodhe is gone now, to the Institute.” said the summoner.

“Thank you summoner, your information has been helpful to us.” spoke the voice again.