Seriously people will always be people

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Why when someone jumps into a normal game, people rush the new champions and automatically pick dps or ppl they wanna play? I just dont understand, they never talk about what would be good team compisition. I always am finding myself fufilling the team niche roll as explained in the summoner code.

Into the game we start playin and x champion gets fed, opposing team starts snowballing and I see that the game doesnt look good, and I try to rally my team bcuz the opposing team has a tryndamere(hard carry) and I try to get them to push and end game quickly, we fail succesfully 3 times and I say "I'm done" and "/surrender"

OMFG This aint happin report this biotch!!!
[all] Omg our tank just gave up report him plz!

that ensues, im just smiling in the spawn pool just laughing at the fact that what im doing is a bannable offence, surrender gets denied and I just wait for the inevitable?
Even after the game ended i glady told people how to report me(they didnt know how)

You tell me what gets people banned in this game?