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Looking for some GGs to team up with

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Lately it seems like there are two types of people in this game. Those who suck, and those who don't (but take it WAY too seriously).
I'm looking for an inbetween kind of thing.
Oh and also, everyone seems to have this "one champion" mindset.
Is that seriously fun for you guys? I'm reading that people have played hundreds of games with the same hero. Are you serious?!! crazy. I definitely play some champions more than others (Katarina, Shaco, Anivia, Veigar, Blitz, occasionally some Mundo or Rammus), but I can guarantee you you're never going to get me to play the same one over and over. I don't expect you to either.

Now, about me.
I'm from the west coast of Canada so I'm PST (aka GMT-8)
I played DotA since 5.34 (2003? 2004? not really sure tbh) and after one game of LoL I never looked back.
I'm level 21 right now as I'm not hardcore (wish I could be ) and I have a pretty ****ty schedule.
I work wednesday -> sunday (mon/tues off) usually from around 3 or 4pm until anywhere between midnight and 5am (woot 14 hour shifts)
So, I usually find myself playing lots on mon/tues, and a fair amount before (11am - 3pm) work, and sometimes after.
We'll obviously have to use Ventrilo, that's really the only way to make **** work.
I don't have my own server, but I'm sure I can dig one up for us to use.

So, what do I want from you? Mostly the basic stuff..
Ventrilo, as I said, is a must. (with mic)
I do not care where you're from, as long as we can play together.
You have to know your way around the game. I'm not looking for 100 hours a week hardcore pros here, but I want people who know what they're doing.
Take the game somewhat seriously (but please I don't want people who spend their time away from LoL mathcrafting LoL stats) be mature, blablabla all that fun stuff.

I guess that's about it. (WOW that was a lot longer than I anticipated)
I'll be home from work in 3 hours (midnight PST aka GMT-8) and I'll be throwing down a few games if anyone is interested.
Anyway, just leave a post here or msg me in game (Equos) or whatever.