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Want to find a pro 5V5 team.- the dream start now

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PawPaw oOo

Junior Member


Hi, everyone. This is my first time to post thread. I just want to find a 5V5 team on NA service. Im a international student from China. And I really love to play this game and I played really hard everyday. If u are also a person who want to play rank team, u are also free to contact me. Im in Gold one now. Hope someday I can reach Diamond. And i really want to find a real team now that can train everyday and play rank everyday. So if u want to know more about me. Please contact me with email or QQ. My email address is [email]dreamstartnow@gmail.com[/email]. If u know what QQ is, u can also add me as a friend (1980038320). Im looking foward to find a good team that I can play in. And I will reply u as soon as possible. Thank you!
Best wishes.
Dynasty oÐ Cn.