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Summer Gear Up For School 1v1 (Gaming PC/Accessories)

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Legit30s Mitch

Senior Member


I'm Looking to host my last tournament before i retire completely from tournament hosting this summer. I will most likely hand over Legit30s to another member to take control of it but this will be my last.

I'm Looking to host a big 1v1 tournament with lots of participants. I would like to see how many people would like to compete before i actually start working on getting sponsors and prize money. I'm going to reach out to all of our sponsors from over the past 2 years and some new ones to see what gaming gear i can get to handout as prizes and giveaways. We will be working on getting gaming PCs or gaming laptops if we get enough people interested. And we can get gaming accessories such as headsets mice and keyboards easily.

If you would like to compete or support us we would like to please become a member of our site http://legit30s.webs.com. The sign up is very short and easy. We hardly ever send out tones of emails just with important new which is about every 3 months. So sign up now the more members the more prizes and rp we will handout.