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May The Best Win (A Shyvana and Quinn Fic)

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Summary: After a startling dream, Quinn goes to clear her head and runs into the one person she didn't want to see, Shyvana.

Quinn bolted up from her sleep, a scream lodged in her throat. She felt hot and cold all at once and it took her a few seconds to remember where she was. The bed underneath her was solid and she could see sunlight out of the corner of her eye. She was in her room then, in the castle.

She let herself fall back onto the bed and reached up to run both her hands through her hair, taking a deep breath to steady herself. The nightmare still lingered and she desperately wished that this had been a dream she would forget upon wakening.

It was a dream she had been expecting, but not like this; a dream of her being on the Rift, fighting for her life and seeing Jarvan there with her. Except, in this dream, he wasn't just with her; he was killing her. She could remember him standing across the field, spear in hand, and just looking at her with cold eyes. She would greet him and reach out for him, only to have the spear thrust into her stomach and for her to see the blood begin to soak into the armor he had commissioned for her.

She rubbed at her eyes, forcing herself to not cry. It was such a silly thing to cry over, it wasn't like she was in love with him or something.

And that really was the crux of the problem. It wasn't love, but she couldn't help admiring him and all that he had done for her. He had brought her to this city, made her part of the Elite guard, and made her a symbol of Demacia. Jarvan had even suggested joining the League. You would of course admire someone who had done all that for you. That it was evolving into something deeper was causing her to doubt herself.

She laid on her bed, thinking about the dream and becoming more and more agitated as time went on. With a muffled scream, she pushed herself off the bed and snagged her dressing robe from a nearby chair. She pulled it on quickly, ignoring Valor who watched her from the windowsill.

The hallways were almost empty, only a few maids and servants walked past her. They ignored her for the most part, save a few who shot her clothing a few glances. She wasn't considered decent by these city folks, but she thought she was fine for a walk to the showers and back.

When she finally reached the showers, she slipped in and gave a sigh of relief when the door clicked shut behind her. She slipped off the robe and began to walk towards the row of showers, enjoying the room's heat. When she finally reached the main shower room, she was surprised to see the room already occupied and by someone she had been avoiding for the past week.


The blue skinned woman was washing her hair and seemed to be ignoring Quinn. Just thinking that she was ignoring her made Quinn bristle, but she turned on the shower head and began to wash away the cold sweat from the dream. The hot water seemed to calm her worries as well and soon she was relaxing in the room's silence.

As she finished washing her own hair, Quinn looked over to see Shyvana sitting against the wall under the water's spray, eyes closed in relaxation.

She wondered if Shyvana had ever had such dreams. She wasn't naive in thinking the other woman didn't feel something for Jarvan. She had seen with her own eyes that Shyvana's gaze followed him whenever he was in the room. She was always willing to volunteer for missions and always gave her all in battle.

Shyvana had to have faced Jarvan on the field. She had to have died to his hands or even worse.. killed him herself.

It was like a punch in the gut to ever think of killing Jarvan. How could she even think of such a thing? Could she really aim her crossbow at him and do everything in her power to bring him down?

"How do you deal with it?" came from her lips before she could stop herself. Her voice trembled with emotions, but her eyes stared at the other woman.

Shyvana's orange orbs opened and looked blankly at Quinn. Her head tilted slightly to her left, "Hm?"

A dam broke inside of her, "How do you deal with it? Seeing him out there on the field? Seeing him trying to kill you... trying to kill him? How do you stay sane?"

The half-dragoness watched her for a few moments before she closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall, "I remember that I do everything for him." Her lips turned up slightly in a smile, "I fight for him and I kill for him."

"What do you mean?" Quinn asked as she moved across the room to sit by Shyvana. The woman turned her head and looked at Quinn for a moment, "You want to show him you are strong, correct?" At Quinn's nod, the woman continued, "I remember that even when I fight him, I am showing him that I can fight. I show him how strong I am and how well I can take him down. I show him how I can lead my team to victory. When I die to him, I know I at least gave it my all and know he will see me with respect in the end."

Quinn frowned, "But what about-"

"What about killing him?" Shyvana chuckled to herself, "I keep my personal life separate from what happens on the field. I do not bring my personal feelings into play when I know Prince Jarvan is doing the same. I know that he would not hesitate to kill me and I must show him that I can do the same. I see the fields as a way to show off my skills and to show him how I can stand beside him as an equal. I do not allow my feelings to weaken me in battle. How do you think he would look at you if you let your feelings over-ride your orders?"

Quinn paled and nodded to herself. Yes, she could see Jarvan being appalled at her for holding herself back in battle, just because she didn't want to harm him. It not only did a disservice towards her team, but also to him in thinking he can't handle himself.

"So... show off?"

The half-dragoness gave a grin, "Show off."

After a quiet moment, Quinn smirked, "So may the best woman win."

Shyvana stopped smiling and narrowed her eyes, "I thought we agreed on person. So may the best person win."

With a laugh, Quinn got to her feet and grabbed her robe, "Yeah, the best person win. You just wait till the next time I'm summoned. I'm going to ruin the other team and show Jarvan just how strong Valor and I are."

Shyvana also got to her feet and walked over to grab her own robe. Tying it closed, she walked towards the door and pulled it open, "When we meet again, do not think I will hold back."

"I wouldn't expect you to." Quinn replied and watched her new opponent walk out the door.

AN: Yet another fanfiction about Quinn. I really should stop.
Any advice given would be highly appreciated and thank you in advance.

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I loved it. Great idea and execution. I'm a JarvanxShyv guy, but I totally loved how you portrayed both girls in this scene. I'll keep a lookout for you in the future.

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Very nice.

It's good to see that Shyvana and Quinn can 'get along' as rivals, instead of just hating eachother's guts.