Duo To climb Ladder!!

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In game name: pdugg45
Role: (order from best to ok) Jungle Support Top Mid Adc
League:Silver IV Anivia's Wizards

(Top,Mid,Adc) I will never feed....ever if i cannot win my lane it will be a farming game, I ward, I dont over extend, I finish games fast as possible with wins. I don't have "bad games". i play to win and have fun. I dont rage.
(Support) I will die for my adc, adc gets all kills and farm, wards up everywhere at all times, protect the adc in fights then teammates next.
(Jungle) Aggressive, I like to steal reds I will not over do it, i gank every lane. I don't forget about my top laners out there.

Champions I use: (Jungle top 6) Xin,Hecarim,Diana, Nocturn, Jarvan, Vi,
(Top top 4) Zed Jax Rumble, Vi,
(Mid) Zed, Fizz, Vlad, Karthus Ziggs
(Support) Lulu ThreshTaric Sona Nunu
(Adc) Ashe Ezreal Corki Cait Vayne

I have all the champs except for 7 of them and I am decent with every single one. P.S. I do have skpe and i will b op with Zac on realease date