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LF ranked 3s team

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Hey guys, I'm a veteran league player and always play to win, I want a 3v3 team that has a goal of atleast getting to diamond division and has pretty good players who can play a variety of champions (atleast 15 different champs) fairly well.

about me:
I've played since preseason 1, got every champ but like 5.. pretty skilled at every champ.. main top lane in 5v5 (though that doesn't really apply to this) um I prefer to solo top in 3v3 also, because that's my best role.. I'm 16 years old.. also I like to stream games on twitch.tv

my ign is iskillzi
add me in game preferably sometime today..

oh and also i prefer that the team uses something like skype or ventrillo or something else.. some sort of talking program