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Gameplay Problems

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KOL Chuckie

Senior Member


This post will address my concerns about gameplay problems on Twisted Treeline.

1. Minions and Unit Collision

Minions spawn in too-large numbers. The mass of minions disrupts laning. Champions have a hard time navigating the lane because of unit collision. Skillshot champions like Ezreal and Morgana have significantly less range for their Q abilities. AOE champions like Vladimir or Xerath are given a huge advantage in farming.

TT is just too small for the amount of minions spawned. One proposed solution is to increase minion spawn frequency and decrease number of minions spawned per wave. Another is to have entirely new minions suitable for TT.

One more incredibly annoying problem is minion leash. I don't want to get into this because it's the same as all other maps. Minion leash needs a complete rework.

2. Turrets

This is a bit related to minions. Because the minions push en masse, turrets are more vulnerable to attack. Usually a lane will have one champion defending. When that champion is incapacitated, that's pretty much a loss of a tower. Capturing altars is too risky. One solution is to increase defenses just enough so that the game isn't extended, since a TT game should be about 20-30 minutes or much shorter than an average SR game.

Another factor is that turrets deal an imbalanced amount of damage to champions throughout the game. I think damage should be adjusted to a certain amount of flat damage, then a percentage of armor penetration and defending champion's HP, perhaps.

3. Vilemaw

The only way to secure the Vilemaw and guarantee its buffs, a team must be already ahead. A team will usually attempt Vilemaw when two or three enemies are dead or when both lanes are pushed to the inhibitor. This snowball effect usually locks down a team's victory.

The jungle is not very exciting in my opinion, especially since the two sides have a boundary. Junglers tend to avoid crossing the middle because of the vision both teams have. Like the old TT, perhaps the Vilemaw area could be a secondary jungle area.

4. Altars

Although the altars are a fresh and interesting addition to the new 3 vs 3 map, I find that they disrupt gameplay rather than encourage it. It's the same problem as Vilemaw. A team will only want to capture the enemy's altar if it's safe because of the global vision on them. This avoidance of combat discourages what TT was intended to be: A skirmish map with constant conflict. TT has instead become a watered-down version of Summoner's Rift.

5. Items

Because of the snowballing problem, games end much sooner than 20 minutes often. We have six item slots but many times a player will be able to get only one main item. And of course, players will rush the game-breaker items to further snowball into victory. This nullifies secondary items like Grez's Spectral Lantern. TT is losing its popularity because of its dry gameplay and invariability. It's mostly existing items carried over from SR that affects TT. With all the two buffs from the two altars and the Vilemaw, heavy items are too great an impact on the game. The only solution I see is a new item set specifically for TT.


Overall this map needs a facelift. There needs to be more balance, more variability, and more incentive to engage teamfights.