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The Birth of the Crystal Scar

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Entrox Licher



This is my first LoL fanfic, planning to upload on LoL fanfic forums and on fanfiction.net (My pen name and username are both Entrox Licher) This is about the transformation of Kalamada into the Crystal Scar. Feedback is much appreciated (Even criticism, as long as its constructive)

The Noxian guard shifted on his feet. He was nervous. It was he that had to go speak to him. He who had to risk being bird food. But the news had to be delivered.
With a deep breath, the guard knocked on the door. Jericho Swain’s voice rung out ominously saying “Enter”
The guard pushed the door and it opened without a creek, due to the diligent oiling done to it. Swain was at his desk, scribbling away, with his faithful bird, Beatrice, perched on his shoulder. He stopped writing and looked up at the guard with a completely neutral expression.
Clearing his throat, the guard said, “Sir, there has been a discovery.” Still wearing his neutral expression, Swain asked, “What discovery?” “Well, in a small village by the name of Kalamanda, near Kaladoun, valuable resources have been found.” Swain’s eyes narrowed. “Define valuable resources.”

The Demacian guard rushed into Jarvan III chambers. The king looked up from his notes and asked, “What is it? Tell me what causes you to rush so?”
The guard, slightly out of breath, took a moment to respond. Finally he was able to say, “Word has reached us that invaluable supplies and natural deposits have been discovered in the small mining town of Kalamanda.”
The king took on a puzzled expression. “This is good news, and we will send miners as soon as possible, but why did you rush to tell me this?”
“Our spies picked up this information from within Swain’s castle.”
Jarvan III’s expression hardened.
“Get me my son.”

A hesitant disciple stood at the edge of a cave filled with spider webs. He was beginning to doubt his decision to come here. “I think I’ve changed my mind. I want to go back. I don’t know how you convinced me to come to these blasted islands in the first place…”
Elise placed her hand on the man’s shoulder. “You know why you came. You seek to meet the spider god that granted me my powers. Behold the true extent of my powers!” Elise raised her arms above her head, and the spider-like legs that grew on her back were revealed.
The man’s eyes widened in horror, and he turned to flee. Laughing, Elise shot out webs at the man ensnaring him.
Speaking in an ancient, forgotten tongue, she called out to a being named Vilemaw. The sickening undead spider-beast emerged, consuming the man. As Vilemaw dined, Elise approached and drank its venom, and as she did so, she felt her death pushed back even further.
As she left the cave and went in the direction of the coast where her boat lay, Hecarim galloped into the clearing. He stared at her from a distance, and then said, “They want us to meet.”
Elsie stared back at Hecarim, and answered, “But at which one? The good one or the evil one?”
“We are to meet in the center.”
“What of the summoners? Are they watching us?”
“They have clouded their vision for the time being. Besides, they are probably more occupied with other matters.”
“Very well. Lead the way.”

The summoners convened their meeting. Only five of them were present, but that did not diminish the importance of the meeting. The first one spoke. “Why are there flocks of Demacians and Noxians heading towards Kalamanda?”
Another one answered. “They are in search of the minerals recently discovered there.”
The first one swore. “Both of them learned of this? There will be conflict…”
A third summoner said, “Unless there isn’t. The mining grounds have more than enough space to be evenly divided.”
The first one countered saying, “There will be conflict. Whenever those two factions meet, there is conflict. We must divert them as we have always done.”
The fourth summoner spoke now. “I think they deserve a chance to mine these resources. If any hints of conflict arise, we will send them back home.”
The first summoner was adamant. “No! There will be no ‘hints of conflict’. You know that Demacia and Noxus aren’t known for their passivity and patience! This will break out into a battle, possibly even another Rune War if the terrain escalates their violence enough. We must stop—”
The fifth and final summoner raised his hand, silencing the first one. The fifth one is the one who carried the most authority, and what he decided was final.
“We will give them a chance.”

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Senior Member


Do continue.

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Junior Member


It's good, but it just needs more. MOAR!

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Entrox Licher



Jarvan IV approached the small hut hesitantly.
He had been instructed by his father to gather an army and a mining task force to take to Kalamanda. Jarvan IV had immediately taken it upon himself to recruit the best soldiers he could find.
Garen Crownguard, and his sister, Lux, had both readily agreed to accompany him, in addition to Garen’s elite unit, the Dauntless Vanguard.
Despite knowing he would refuse, Jarvan also reached out to Xin Zhao. Sure enough, the Seneschal of Demacia refused, saying his duty lie protecting his father.
Quinn had been harder to convince, saying that Valor did not seem to like the mission at all. To make matters worse, she had also given resistance upon learning that Garen would be going. In the end though, both she and Valor were convinced.
Jarvan now stood before a charred old hut on the outskirts of the city, very nervous. Finally, telling himself that she would never refuse him, Jarvan knocked on the door. It swung open slowly, gradually revealing the figure behind it.
Shyvana bowed at him and asked, “What can I do for you my age-old friend?” Jarvan, not one to procrastinate, told her upfront what he was asking of her. Shyvana’s face went from welcoming to unreadable, as Jarvan IV asked her to accompany him to the place of her birth, and the place where her father died, and the place where his killer had also died.
After Jarvan finished speaking, Shyvana answered most simply, “I will go.”
Somewhat taken aback, Jarvan thanked her and left, proceeding to see if he could recruit any other of the League’s champions that had allied themselves with Demacia, such as Poppy, Sona, Galio, Fiora, and maybe even Vayne.

Swain had swiftly organized his army, holding the authority that he did, and had then proceeded to visit all of Noxus’s elites, namely, champions of the League.
The assistance of Katarina, Talon, Darius, Draven, Sion, Urgot, and Vladimir was swiftly secured. That force alone was enough to rival many a well-prepared army, but Swain knew that Demacia had many League champions as well, so he reached out to more hidden sources.
The first was the Black Rose, more specifically, its matron, Leblanc. She was harder to persuade, but Swain was masterful at the art of convincing people to see his way, so she soon agreed to accompany him.
Swain also reached out to some of the resident Zaunites, such as Warwick, Dr. Mundo, and Singed. He had yet to receive a reply.
Finally, Swain also sent word to Zaun asking for any troops or champions they could spare, sensing that Demacia would likely do the same with their allies in Ionia.
After all of this tireless bureaucracy, Swain retired to his chambers and fell exhaustedly into his chair, stroking his faithful crow Beatrice. He was not alone.
Evelynn stalked out of the shadows and bared her fangs at Swain. Tiredly, he said, “What would you have of me? There is no widow to be made from me, Widowmaker.”
Evelynn stole a glance at Beatrice and said “Oh I wouldn’t be so sure about that…But that is not why I a here. I come here representing the Isles.”
Swain raised his eyebrows. “I did not know that you affiliated yourself with them Widowmaker. Interesting…” he said.
Evelynn snarled. “I do not! But when the Isles call, it is very—difficult—not to answer. Just ask Mordekaiser…In any case, I digress. I come here to relay a message.”
“On whose behalf?” Swain asked
Evelynn hissed. “The Isles. Now listen. ‘You will wage war in Kalamanda. You will lose. You will forget this message in 5 minutes. Such is the will of the Shadow Isles.’”
Laughing as Swain’s eyes widened, Evelynn retreated back into the shadows.

Karthus approached the west altar. The ghostly face of the imprisoned spirit appeared. “You gave your life to embrace undeath Deathsinger. It was a gift we gave you. Now you must pay your debt. The Isles will not call upon you often, but when they do you will answer. The resistance that you had this time will not repeat itself. Now, on to your mission.”
You will go and sing the death of Kalamanda; you will sing it to all the farthest reaches of the land, and all of Valoran’s inhabitants will hear your song. You will sing the loudest for the champions of the League of Legends, and you will sing to the four neutral city-states. You will spread this message throughout the land: Kalamanda is going to die. Kalamanda must be saved. Kalamanda cannot be saved. Kalamanda is going to die…”