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Who's ready for LCS?

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Come on who's ready for LCS to start again! I had so much fun watching all the games as they were so action packed with huge plays and immense upsets. LCS will start up tomorrow and I'm already clearing out my schedule to see the pros go head to head in a 1 match series. Who's your guys' favorite team? Who's your favorite player? And who do you think will have the biggest upset this week? To remind you all, the current standing in LCS are;

10W 2L for Dignitas
9W 2L for Curse
7W 4L for TSM SnapDragon
7W 4L for Counter Logic Gaming
4W 5L for Team MRN
4W 9L for Vulcun
2W 10L for Good Game University
1W 8L for Complexity

I hope you are all as excited as I am about the great games to come! We're only five weeks in out of 10 so that means we've just hit the half way mark. Theres still so much more to come from these great teams as we jump back in tomorrow at 3pm PST with the first match of the day starting with TSM Snapdragon and Good Game University.

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What is the purpose of this series? Can someone explain?