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[Lux X Garen] Double Rainbow: A Delightful Day in Demacia

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Wrote this for someone special... Going to post it here for everyone to read now. For anyone who enjoys this sort of thing... Umm... Enjoy!

A delightful day in Demacia! The sun was shining and a light rain cascaded the land. Twin arches of luminosity brightened the sky as Lux grinned happily to herself, admiring her brother from afar. Garen, Lux's older brother, was practicing his combat skills in an open field across the way. "DEMACIAAAAAAAA~" he would yell as he extended his gleaming sword doing pirouettes that would make a ballerina jealous.

"Demeaciaaa~" Lux giggled to herself mimicking the big brother she so admired. She lay upon the grass on her belly kicking her legs in the air giddily with her head propped up on her arms. But today was a special day - a phenomenon of optics most well known as a "Double Rainbow" illuminated the sky. She had to get her big brother's attention and share her knowledge to impress him! Just daydreaming about staring up at the double rainbow in her big brother's arms wasn't enough - today, she would make her dreams reality.

Lux leapt to her feet and fired her laser at Garen to get his attention. He deftly stepped aside and looked curiously across the field at Lux, his rugged glance making Lux's heart throb. Sticking her tongue out playfully, Lux laughed and waved at Garen. Garen sheathed his sword and shrugged. He procured a flask of water off the ground and gulped it down as Lux stared happily. She watched intently as his Adam's apple rose and fell with each swig, his rough manly nature showing through.

With a bit of hesitation, Lux slowly crept over towards Garen, until she were just steps away... And suddenly Garen surprised her by gently pitching the empty flask at Lux's head - which struck her in the side of the head and bounced off onto the grass.

"Onii-chan~" Lux whined, "Why'd you do that? That hurt!~"

"Why did you fire your Final Spark at me while I was practicing my Judgment? You nearly killed me!" Garen retorted with a hint of annoyance to his voice.

"I knew you would dodge it, Onii-Chan! You're so cool!" Lux smiled at him.

"Would you stop it with the whole Onii-chan thing?" Garen walked over to retrieve the fallen flask, "Just call me Garen."

"But Onii-chan is much cuter," Lux insisted, "Don't you think so too, Garen-onii-chan~?"

"I suppose it could be cuter..." Garen thought about it, "But why does it matter? Stop bothering me while I'm training!"

Lux's smile turned to a look of dismay, "But... But onii-chan... I..."

"What? What's wrong, little sister?" Garen had a sincere look of concern upon his masculine face.

"I... I..." Lux was almost in tears and couldn't say the words so she just looked away to hide her face and pointed up at the sky.

"A double rainbow..." Garen looked up to the sky and wondered, "What does it mean?"

"Well..." Lux started while sniffling, "I could explain it to you... I mean if you wanted me to... I could..."

"Oh Lux," Garen wrapped an arm around his little sister, "Please don't cry." Garen pulled Lux close to his muscular body and held her firmly. Lux's eyes widened but she kept looking away, ashamed to show her blushing tear stained face to her admirable big brother. Her heart beat faster as Garen gently caressed her hair and pet her while holding her. He whispered gently, "Come sit with me and tell me what's wrong. I'm sorry for getting angry with you."

Lux nodded shyly, unable to say anything being so close to what she wanted but still so far from what she REALLY wanted. Garen, with his arm wrapped around Lux, led the two of them to the shade of a nearby tree and sat down, motioning to Lux to sit beside him. Lux again paused not sure what to say or do.

"Lux, please," Garen spoke softly as he waited somewhat impatiently for Lux to sit beside him and tell him her worries. His mind was preoccupied with the thoughts of a threat of a Noxian invasion but not even that was pressing enough to stop him from spending time with his beloved little sister. Lux remained still, her pulse racing as the opportunity to sit in Garen's grasp while admiring the double rainbow together was directly upon her. Garen's patience waned.

"Lux!" Garen commanded, "Sit down with me right now and tell me what's wrong!"

Lux immediately jolted to attention and sat beside Garen, not touching, just sitting beside him with cross legged with her back against the tree and shyly with her hands in her lap. She looked away again and couldn't speak.

Garen apologized, "Sorry for yelling at you like that, I'm just used to giving orders you know..."

"N-no!" Lux found her voice, "I don't mind you yelling at me...
Actually, I kind of like it when you boss me around like that... It's... Nice..."

"What?" Garen questioned, "You're weird."

Not sure what else to say, Lux blurted out, "Sorry for interrupting your training onii-chan!"

"It's ok, little sister," Garen shrugged and again wrapped his arm around a blushing Lux. Lux exhaled abruptly, her eyes broadening as she leaned her body into Garen's strong arms. Garen wrapped his arms around Lux, embracing her gently.

"Sometimes it's good to take breaks from training after all," Garen started, "The Noxian threat may be perilous but it's never too much that I would neglect my cute little sister."

"D-did you just call me cute?" Lux stuttered.

"Yeah, I guess I did. What of it?" Garen shrugged, his armor getting in the way of a full on hug.

"Just... I think you're cute too!" Lux revealed her secret but then immediately realized that Garen was probably not thinking 'cute' in the same way that she was and so before Garen could respond, Lux pointed up at the sky again at the double rainbow and asked, "Double rainbow? What does it mean?"

"It's a phenomenon of optics, right?" Garen answered.

"Y-yeah! A double rainbow is a phenomenon of optics that displays a spectrum of light due to the sun shining on droplets of moisture in the atmosphere!" Lux hurried her speech trying to impress Garen with the same line she had rehearsed countless times.

"I know," Garen laughed, "I've heard you saying that to yourself in your room a lot."

"You were listening to that!?" Lux was embarrassed to find out her big brother was listening to her practice the very line she had been waiting forever to deliver to him on a day like this very day with the double rainbow shining brightly in the sky.

"Yes, your knowledge of light is quite impressive," Garen shrugged his shoulders and his plate armor nicked the back of Lux's head.

"Oww..." Lux let out a cry and reached up to rub the back of her head but Garen was already rubbing it for her.

"I'm sorry again, imouto-chan," Garen gently tended to Lux's pain, "My armor is getting in the way. I'm going to take it off for-"

"Yes! Take it off! Take all of it off!" Lux exclaimed hastily.

"What?" Garen looked at Lux quizzically while Lux again looked away. Garen laughed and took off his armor revealing his extremely fit and toned body beneath. Garen set his armor aside and again embraced Lux closely - this time right up against his skin. Lux began hyperventilating and fainted in Garen's arms...

Lux awoke with a kiss from her big brother Garen. Was this a dream or a dream come true? She discretely pinched herself and felt the pain. Garen was on top of her, giving her mouth to mouth and she could feel his warm breath upon her delicate skin. She closed her eyes and let Garen blow warm air into her lungs through her mouth... And then she kissed him. She kissed him passionately as he tried to revive his sister... And... He... Kissed back.

The two of them kissed together with their eyes closed for far longer than what would constitute simple cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Lux opened her eyes as they kissed to see if it was really Garen she was kissing and it was! It was the kiss she had dreamed of all her life and she was getting it on this day under the shade of a tree and the blessing of the double rainbow! She quickly closed her eyes again fearing that if Garen saw her eyes open and knew she was conscious that he would stop kissing her.

But then Lux thought to herself, "Wait? If Garen is just trying to resuscitate me when I passed out from hyperventilation then why is he kissing me so fervently and why does he taste so good? He tastes so good!" She opened her eyes to check if it was really Garen again and Garen's eyes were open looking right back at her. Garen rapidly pulled back and sat up, wiping his mouth on his arm before suddenly speaking, "Thank Demacia you're okay, little sister!"

"Y-yeah..." Lux slowly sat up as well, "T-Thank you Onii-chan..."

"D-Don't mention it," Garen stuttered as well, quite unlike him before he spoke in a more commanding tone, "Seriously. Don't mention it. To anyone. Ever."

"O-okay..." Lux cried. She wasn't sure if they were tears of joy from kissing Garen or tears of sadness from the kiss ending and the possibility they may never kiss again.

"Oh Lux," Garen murmured, "What were you crying about earlier?"

"I..." Lux remembered what she had really wanted to do this day and a sudden fit of courage swept through her, "I just wanted us to sit together and admire the double rainbow together, onii-chan!"

"That's..." Garen's eyes struggled to meet Lux's and so he stared up at the double rainbow instead, "That's what you were so troubled over?"

"Yeah," Lux felt silly and looked up at the double rainbow as well, "It's kind of stupid, isn't it? I just wanted to sit together with my darling onii-chan and admire the double rainbow together with you... Is that okay?"

"Of course, imouto," Garen slowly tried to wrap his arm around Lux as he would normally when they would sit together, trying not to feel awkward about what had just happened between them. His arm finally fell over Lux's shoulder and she leaned into his chest happily. Garen cuddled Lux coyly as they looked up at the double rainbow together.

"It's a delightful day in Demacia, isn't it?" Garen asked his little sister, squeezing her tight.

"It really is. I love you, Garen-onii-chan."

"I love you too, Lux."

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needs anime pics

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i agree

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