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Big Tree Jungle Rumble

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We are looking for 5-man teams to participate in a Summoner¬ís Rift Draft format tournament with a prize of $50 to the winning team. Single elimination. Entry is 5$ per team (1$ per person) and the prize money will be distributed via PayPal after the tournament. The tournament will have 16 teams (if there are less will do 8), We will be streaming the events on-- http://www.twitch.tv/bigtreegaming​

If interested check out the site http://bigtreegaming.wix.com/bigtreegaming#!tournament/cenh

This Will be the first Jungle Rumble but we hope to be able to continue this event on a weekly basis.

The tournament dates are as follows:

Next Event 4/12/13

Fridays: Round of 16

Saturdays: Quarter and Semi

Sundays: Final