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FPS from Boompje to Official

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Senior Member


Looks like when theres a lot of particles on the screen i drop from 60 fps to 30-40 range. On Boompje client this never happened.


2011 MBP

-2.2 Sandy Bridge
-8 GB 1333 DDR3 RAM
-AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 MB VRAM

Anyone else notice the same stuff?

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Junior Member


The loading screen (after champ select) is way slower than with iLoL. Thought it would get better since iLoL had to go through the wrapper and all that, but it is slower.

Also, I've always had my FPS start at around 2-5 when the game starts. With iLoL it would happen for a couple of seconds, but with the new client it lasts from 30-60 seconds. One time I was walking down mid lane because of some move click it registered, and was almost at their turret when I finally loaded in and saw this.

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Purple Hooloovoo



Same thing for me. I'm staying on boompje until this is fixed. The official LoL client drops to around 15-20 FPS for me during teamfights while I average above 60 on boompje's client consistently.