Leona and Lux Lane

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4 forms of CC
3 large Area damage spells
1 Anti-Escape Laser
2 passives that deal bonus damage after ability use

Shouldn't this be the most devastating bottom lane Carry wreaker combo?

At level one with no runes or masteries with lux and Leona's E combo deals 160 magic damage after lux auto attacks. Adding in the one basic attack each should get it totals the damage at roughly 240.

At lv 18 the base damage from a full combo would deal 3556 damage without any boost. Assuming Leona only made 1 auto attack and lux 3. That's enough to insta-gibb almost any player and most definitely deal most of an entire teams HP.

As long as you have 2 AD's split between the three other roles your team wont be down much of anything. Plus you should be shutting down their ADC.

The Lux player just needs to build a Nashor's Tooth to maximize triggering her passive otherwise everyone builds normally.

Could some higher level players test this out? I'll be trying to as well but I don't have a duo partner who plays lux.