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Rogue's Shank

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Builds out of

Dagger (400)
Long Sword (400)
Pickaxe (875)

Combine cost: 500
Total cost: 2175

+15% attack speed
+40 attack damage

Unique active: Assassinate: Your next 3 autoattacks ignore enemy shields. 30 second cooldown.

Clarification: upon activation, you gain some sort of particle effect (I would guess a dark shroud or something) to let them know you've used it. Now let's say a guy at low hp (perhaps 200) has used his barrier skill, granting him a... 400 hp shield. Your autoattacks deal 100 damage each on him. Normally, if you didn't activate it, you would need to hit him 6 times to kill him. But now, since it goes through shields, you'd need to hit him 3 times.

Aimed at countering- Shields
Countered by- HP, armor


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yah. whats dagger?

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The effect seems to niche to really be useful outside of a few cases, and only applying to auto-attacks causes a rather limited selection of champions to benefit from it.

Mostly I just see this as a way to counter Mordekaiser and possibly Blitzcrank, everyone else with a shield has it on to conditional of a use to really merit picking this up over something else, especially considering the limited effectiveness the active offers.

Of coarse, the old Sword of the Divine was mostly just good for countering Jax, but even then it granted armor penetration on the active in addition to causing attacks to never miss due to dodge.

If you're going for a champion specific counter I'd go for something against champions that are broken in modes like Dominion or Twisted Treelines rather than 2 bruisers and supports though.