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Grand Stage - (Very, Very Open RP.)

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(This may be joined at any time, with the simple request you read up on it prior to doing so. Also, that you sign up please. While this is for the most part completely open, I do reserve the right to not accept particular characters I feel do not suit this world at all. I will be linking both the initial idea and sign up thread below:

http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3204201 sign up.

http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3199405 information.

I expect new characters to come and go, no one dies unless the creator of that character okays it. I will periodically inform people of events that are particularly noteworthy. Until then, you live your lives as whoever you are. Interact how you see fit.)

Damian 'Devil' Marketh, Krizar City - Docks, Day 1, Dawn.

Krizar City, a flourishing melding pot of races and cultures, home to a great amount of trade via sea, and resources because of the mines located in the Barrier Mountains. Known as the "most neutral" city in Valoran, the Krizarians are prideful of this, and enjoy their lives as mercenary folk with no ties to anyone. Despite being a city built mostly of traders and mercenaries, it is a very friendly place and quite beautiful - located directly south of Noxus, along the coast, it has managed to progress greatly since its dark origin after their exodus from Noxus and Magnus Amaron's founding.

Today, an Amaron still rules the City but under a golden hand, rather than an iron fist. Delmegar Amaron, a known Summoner gone mercenary, became Lord after choosing to leader the Order of Dark Phoenix when his brother Ordimar died. Other city-states tend to respect him fr the most part; even Noxus, who attempted to reclaim the territory in the past and failed. Despite not being an official city-state, Delmegar works hard to maintain neutrality while attempting to reach this end.

One of the first to swear allegiance to Delmegar Amaron was a former pirate by the name of Damian Marketh, a ruthless vagabond who cared nothing for anyone. Though he was hardly a ruthless cutthroat like Gangplank, he was still equally feared for his amazing battle presence. He decided he greatly respected Delmegar who was so young, so different than the other lords, especially those in Noxus, and swore his allegiance - so long as he could occasionally plunder. Delmegar agreed to this, but duely informed Damian he could take contracts, not plunder.


Currently, overseeing many laborers and shiphands, Damian stands with his arms folded, standing in the Crows Nest of the Marketh. He was always first in Krizar to rise, and his crew was second. The water was his true home, and it was tehre he wished to be every day of his natural born life. And having recently learned of new lands, he wishes to immediately sail.

"Careful with the ale, you club footed fool! Break the box, and I'll break yer' neck!" Damian shouted at an unfortunate shiphand who nearly fell from the plank bridge between the dock and ship. The man might of been a teen, if barely, and carrying a 90 lb crate of extremely important contents. The alcohol. Or some of it. "Get your asses in motion, or the only motion you'll be doing is a swim! We sail for uncharted lands, lads, further even than Ionia! Barbarians, monsters, adventure all await sailors out of Krizar, for we are Dark Phoenix men, aren't we!"

The sailors all shouted up a loud, "WOOAH!" Which made Damian grin. He recieved permission from Lord Amaron nearly a week ago to make the journey, and he was already delayed due to vicious storms off the coast. Freakish ones that not even he would set sail into. Trading vessels out of Bilgewater had been mentioning ghost ships and maelstroms along the way as well.

(Enter how you see fit ladies and gentleman, whenever you want, however you want. This post was simply to get it started.)

http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2816 Profile for Krizar City.

Event List:

1) Hunting for the Arcane Threat:

The Institute of War has had their information leaked. One of their informants has gone rogue and informed multiple mercenary and adventure guilds, as well as local authorities in all known city-states of the Arcane threat. The beings known as Zol and Weebo are often referred to as heralds and as such, their presence must immediately be investigated.

If at all possible, the one known as Zol is to be brought into the Institute for immediate containment.

Threat Level: 7

Reward(s): Gold in the amount of 8-12,000.

A spell kept by League Artificers.

2) Dangerous Fugitive:

For crimes against multiple city-states and the League, Lord Lucius Fulkra of Demacia is currently wanted for questioning. It is believed that he played a pivotal role in organizing a plot to assassinate emissaries and thus caus animousity towards the people of Demacia. He is wanted alive!

Threat Level: 4

Reward(s): A teleportation stone.

Property in Demacia.

And 3,000 gold.

3) Noxian Insurgency:

Until now, it seemed the matter cold be kept quiet and resolved internally by the people of Noxus. However, what was first thought to be a group of outcasts has rapidly grown and become known as the Blackthorn Insurgents. While their motives are unclear, as is their base of operations, they have been known draug smugglers, poachers - and have even been seen spotted with outlandish creatures such as demi-humans.

The actions of the Blackthorn are becoming more and more harmful to the people of Noxus, and everyday more people end up missing while the Insurgents grow in power and size. Something must be done immediately!

Threat Level: 5

Reward(s): 2,400 -3,500 gold.

A Hextech gunblade.

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Aden 'Sykper' Catas, Ionia - Cliff House, Day 1, Dawn

Ionia, a island city of enlightenment and knowledge. Its green peaks stretch for miles around, and the people are always seemingly satisfied. The political structure of this nation is divided amongst providences, each with an elder who is honed in spirit, mind and body for the good of all and his or herself. Knowledge-seekers and even tourists can be often found coming onto the docks down below.

However, the furious scribbling of a pen could be heard far above such vibrant estates, as a league summoner smoking from a simple pipe coughs as he finishes his last report, 2 weeks late. Not for a lack of trying, his work is far more advanced than others of his rank, and his duties manifold greater-

"But I can't have an assistant?!"

Aden slams the desk and cries out alone, scaring the nearby birds that were perched on this old building. He pulls out his silver watch, and makes note of the time. His sleep-deprived mind almost grants him a delusion of his superiors telling him "We're working on it, Summoner Catas we hope you meet our expectations..."

After a brief moment, he sighs and grabs a nearby alcoholic bottle. Frankly, he drinks not to forget or not to feel, but to help him sleep fast and hard. If he is ever going to catch up on his work, he must press on a bit longer...

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Jiyuhiko village - Shiro's home, Day 1, Dawn.

Shiro (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2801)awoke slowly in her small yet comfortable bed. It was early but too late to go back to bed.. With a yawn she sat up and moved to take a shower. When finished she stepped out and got changed into her priest clothing, a smile across her face "Alright!" she spoke aloud as she stepped into her kitchen and began preparing her breakfast. She had a small smile on her face still, even as she ate the smile didn't go away. With her morning routine complete she set off toward the home of the matriarch. The walk wasn't a long one so she took her time, breathing in the fresh sea air of their little island town and letting the wind blow through her long blonde hair. The weather was nice here, it was cool but not cold. The sky was partly cloudy but it looked like it would be a clear day.

Outside the Matriarch's home
As Shiro arrived she was greeted by a tall, familiar figure exiting the Matriarch's home. "G'morning Shiro, how is our priestess doing on this lovely morning?"

"V-very good Mr. Dragonrider, thank you for asking, how are you?"

Tsuyo Dragonrider (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2800) smiled, shaking his hand dismissively "I've told you before Shiro, no need to be so formal just because I'm the village chieftain, just Tsuyo is fine, really. But I'm doing well." He leaned in and whispered "Careful, she's a bit cranky today, apparently a bird woke her up a few minutes early." as he walked by, he patted her lightly on the head, walking into his home which was only a few down from the matriarch's.

Inside the Matriarch's home.

Shiro entered the home quietly, taking a seat on her knees on the floor in front of the Matriarch and bowing down toward the elder woman. "Greetings, I've come to get the gift for the mountain god so that I may bring it to them." she spoke quietly, each word careful to make sure she didn't mess up.

Alda Wishcatch (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2799), the village's old resident and matriarch sat still, an annoyed look on her face.
"Yeah, yeah of course, no one ever stops by just to speak with me anymore, it's always blah blah blah, help me, blah blah." she gestured to the side where a large basket filled over the top with food sat. "There, take it and get out child, I'm not in the mood to be held up by anything." Her head bent down slightly a moment later, small snoring could be heard coming from her.

Shiro giggled lightly
"Alright Matriarch, rest well." She stood up and walked over, picking up the basket with quite a bit of trouble as it probably weighed almost as much as she did.

Outside the Matriarch's home.

Shiro could barely drag the basket of food out of the house before she fell over onto the ground "Heavy..." she whined out, pouting up at the clouds as if asking them to help her.

"I told you that you should train your body to get it stronger Shiro, I'm not always gonna be able to bail you out of this." A familiar chuckle mixed with the sound of clinking armor drew closer to Shiro, "C'mon, let's go, don't wanna keep the mountain god waiting do we?" Shirudo (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2806)stood beside her, offering a hand to help her up before picking bother her up and the basket, one in each hand. "I know I said this last month but this time for real, I'm not helping next month!"

Shiro giggled as she was picked up, looking around. "Yeah yeah, alright Shirudo, I know you still have a crush on me, so I know you'll come back to help~" she let out another giggle as he started walking toward the mountain silently, though she could see the blush on his face...

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Phantom-Shadow Isles, Ebony Stronghold-Day 1, Dawn

There was a constant creaking of debris in the rundown fort that pierced the endless silence. Large numbers of shadowy silhouettes patrol the walls and guard the massive rusted gate in front. The stronghold itself was by now an ominous sight to behold with its walls patched here and there with black. That and the many spiked barricades put up around the complex sent a very unwelcoming feel to even the most hostile of natives on the Shadow Isles. Time from time, a group of marching guards can be seen coming back to the stronghold only to walk right back out into another round. Their helmets reveal only a hollow shell filled with murky smoke. The thing that grabbed the most attention was the large building in the center of this place. Darkness was a common thing here, but the shadows there were...different. Despite its plain visage, there was much work going on.

"What is the problem now captain?" Phantom questions the Forgotten captain as he paced back and forth in pitch black. His time spent away from Hiko was usually spent dealing with things here or traveling around Valoran and the islands surrounding it. "I thought you told me that everything is in balance." When he had awaken and formed the Forgotten, it was his ideals that brought them to his command. These shadows were nothing more than people of the land, lost heroes, fading villains, or faceless men. All who have now devoted their sentence to keeping the balance in Runeterra.

"There is now a disturbance but new information. You know of lands that had yet to be discovered right? Ones like Olaf's. There may be a multitude of places like that and it would be best to spread our web of informers. However, I know of our plights here on the Isles with the nearby groups. None have made an attack, nor is any mobilizing just yet. Though more of their talk against our standings here has not made it better."

A quick flick of his hand stopped the captain from speaking farther. The glowing of a crimson blade lights the dense darkness which surrounds them. Phantom moves with quick footsteps out the door along with an entourage of shady figures. Before any action was to be done...a few pests were to be removed.

Pinky-Valoran-Day 1, Dawn

A cool breeze moves through the countryside. Pinky was hopping along in the fashion he does most of the time. The blob had always enjoyed doing this long treks across the land. Helping all he met. Then Pinky came across a few kids whose ball had been destroyed. Feeling quite bad for them, he rolled over to the children while giving the cutest smile he had. They brightened up immediately before playing with this strangely adorable creature. The laughter of play filled the air.

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Aden 'Sykper' Catas, Ionia - Cliff House, Day 1, Early Afternoon


Aden was laying in a pile of papers, apparently he had not looked at the bottle he relentlessly downed to find it to be a much...'harsher' vintage drink, his head was pulsing like mad and it likely dropped him instantly. Worse, the reason for his awakening was a chiming of a familiar bell of a message bird which landed on his desk. Almost ironically she was named 'Omen', Aden joked about the name before when briefed on this particular black-bird would be a herald, delivering information from the higher-ups. Omen has lived up to her name well, any time she comes, it is always bad news.

But...Aden simply glared at her from below, his arms far too relaxed to raise. Actually, he just doesn't have strength yet, the alcohol was way stronger than he anticipated.

"Can't...have a break huh?"

Omen simply twerked its head back and forth, looking at the lazy summoner. The scroll attached to its neck had illegiable writing from his perspective...

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Jiyuhiko village - Entrance to the mountain, Day 1, Almost noon.

Shiro had eventually decided to make it easier for Shirudo and began walking herself, though she still had him carry the basket of food. The two chatted quietly to one another, for a bit. When they arrived at the cave entrance, Shirudo stopped and placed the basket down "Well, you know that's as far as I can go, go do you priest duties Shiro."

The girl nodded and smiled, then dragged the large basket into the cave. After a few minutes she came out, brushing some dust off her clothes and some ash out of her hair. "All done, another month safe." She smiled, thinking for a moment "Oh, weren't you going off soon? Tsuyo told me something about you were to travel somewhere for business? As a representative?"

Shirudo hunched slightly and let out a loud grunt. "I'm supposed to leave today but I really don't want to, what if something happens? I'm the captain of the guard I can't just leave the island defenseless!"

Shiro smiled, giving him a quick hug "We'll be fine, don't worry about it, besides I heard this was important stuff."

Shirudo nodded slowly and the two walked back toward the village.

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Ionian port - aboard docked ship, Day 1, dusk

Marcus breathed in the refreshing air blowing in from the sea, today he starts his Valoran messenger company. Over a few days of planning he decided that the city of Krizar will be a great place to start, filled with merchants and trade routes he would have his hands full with peole hiring him.

With a small sum of money to start his entrepreneurship, Marcus sets out to Krizar.

I wonder how the ruler of Krizar will react, this after all was never introduced before., he sighed, retiring to his quarters. He opened the door with a small creek, the room before him was surprisingly neat and cozy for such a cheap priced trip. His eyes wandered to the small desk with a lantern sitting on it, his thoughts wandering far over the seas as he sat down. The room reminded him of one of the rooms from the shipwreck that his tuman leader took him to when he was still young. This is where we found you, young marcus. Theres no way to know where you came from but this is your home now with the tribe, although you are not of our blood you are one of us.......... Marcus slowly drifted off on the chair, his eyelids dropping. By the time the ship set sail he was asleep, leaving his newfound home in Ionia far behind.

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Lucius Fulkra - Demacia, House Fulkra - Day 1, Late Morning

"Another." A strapping young man demanded. Standing in a small courtyard of his own home, surrounded by small trees and beautiful flowers, his back to a pond - the man stood shirtless, sweating as the early sun threatened to make it a very, very hot day. Three armor clad soldiers surrounded the boy, shields and swords drawn, all on the defense; reluctant to initiate combat with the eighteen year old prodigy of Demacia.

"My lord, three is enough. Don't strain--" One of his sparring partners was suggesting in a very concerned tone. Lucius stepped forward and flicked the soldier with his rapier, which did nothing other than silence him. He pulled his left arm from his lower back and waved a finger at them. "I can handle myself, thank you very much. If I recall, sir, last week I took six of you before falling. Now..."

He walked back to the pond and held his head back, eyes closed so the sun could beat down on his face. His back faced the warriors. "... another. So that next week I can take ten of you. Imagine the horror, brothers! What if a warrior of Noxus were as adaptable as myself, what then would you do?" Lucius left out a soft chuckle into his sword hand as he turned back to witness a fourth soldier step into the courtyard.

The new warrior entered and bowed low to his master. He then drew his weapons as well. "An honor, my lord. And should that day come, we will fight to the death as a Demacian should!" That brought a wide smile to Lucius' face, he bowed back and clapped a brief moment.

"Well said, well said. Let us hope our new General, this Battle Falcon is as courageous as my sparring partners! Haha. Now, GO!" He snapped and two of the bigger men charged him, slashing both high and low while a third closed in from his left flank immediately.

Though Lucius wielded a rapir, which was much lighter and far less suited for combat than it was dueling, he managed to parry away the lower strike whilst ducking under the higher, his blade continuing through the first parry to clip the leg of the one flanking him. More attacks immediately followed from the first two and more parries and counters, his rapier falling near harmlessly against their shield and sword arm over and over.

As one of the two attacking backed away for a brief breather, the third closed in again - swinging with a massive overhand that might of cleaved a boar in two. Lucius' without stepping out of place, leaned his body back and slashed upwards into the mans wrist, forcing him to drop his sword. The careless and dumbfounded warrior bent to pick it up and was greeted with a staggering knee that knocked him to the flat of his back. Then the fourth came in strong with a proper speed, and equally measurable defense.

Before this one reached him, Lucius managed to strike down one of his first opponents and was now faced against two. Just as his rapier was about to meet the face plate of a man, a voice called out to him. "Master Fulkra!" Lucius and the combatants all halted whatever they were doing, lowered their weapons and looked back to one of the pillars beside an entrance.

His steward; an older man with gold rimmed glasses was standing against the pillar with his arms folded, tapping a silver watch. "Training is the structure of Demacia, preparation vital, but today... my lord, are you not supposed to meet with ambassadors? And a Summoner has come to speak with you. That treacherous roach who fiddles in creation rather than League business."

"Now, now, Dolu, be polite. The man may be a Noxian Summoner, he may even be treacherous and loyal to nothing. But he is a genius, and I happen to have a lot of coin to spend on greedy little wretches such as himself. Prepare me something to wear."

Lyon Fusara - Bandle City Outskirts, Lyon's Stable - Day 1, Noon.

The life of peace and solitude was all Lyon ever loved. The tedious, mundane, overly dull routines of the human was exhausting for one such as he. A Beast Master. A friend, a care giver, a trainer of beasts of all manners. The simplicity of animals was aweing for Lyon Fusara, who spent all day every day with his beloved pets. And at this time, he had well over two hundred.

Some of these 'pets' were no more typical than a common house cat. Some were extravagant and rare as dragon hybrids. While he only had one creature like that, his treasured beasty, Nahla; a draconic the size of a large shack, fat as one too with bright green scales, a line of brown armor down its spine that came into a large and deadly club, a small square head with flat teeth, yellow eyes, and two slits for nostrils. Nahla's arms and legs were quite short, incapable of flight with its much too small wings.

Nahla spent much of its says sleeping and eating, barely making note of the time changes through the days. But through and through, it was his rarest pet, and by far the smartest. On the rare occasion trouble comes to his stable, Nahla is first to alerth im, and first to dispose of whatever fool or creature would trespass on his grounds. for this was his home as much as it was Lyon's.

Today, Lyon was spending his time with said dragon, which he called an "Ahzi Dahaka". He recieved an extremely generous offer recently by League Champion Poppy to buy Nahla, out ofpersonal interest. A large enough sum he could retire. Not that he would.

He was sitting on top of a large fence made of wooden beams that stood roughly ten feet tall, reinforced by steel rims. Nahla was bundled up in a ball just beneath him slumbering. Occasionally, he would look up and make a low growl, checking to see if Lyon was still with him. In truth, it was becoming difficult fr Lyon to remain here with the lack of business. People did not appreciate beasts like he did. They were too afraid.

And, his overall angry and hostile demeanor didn't often better these situations. More often than not he snapped at potental buyers simply because they were not as informed as he. they were ignorant, as humans were. A bad habit of an old man.

A disgusted laugh passed out of his mouth as he lay on his side, his hand supporting his head as he lay on the massive fence. "But then, who's as smart as us, huh Nahla?"

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Tixxy Savage

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Tixxy Savage, Krizar City - Docks, Day 1, Dawn.

As Tixxy slowly began removing bottle of some extremely rough smelling liquor from a crate, she thought back to the night before that caused her to end up here at the loading dock of some ship called the Marketh. She had been sitting in a tavern that many loose-lipped, drunken sailors frequented. Sitting across from a blonde mountain of a man, with a nose that had been broken a few too many times, "So tell me again Tiny, is there anything going on soon that I can use? Usually you're one of my best contacts." She placed a hand on top of his own, trying to remind him of some intoxicated nights passed they'd shared. He was one of her favorite contacts, nice, loyal to a fault, and one of the few men in this city that treated women like goddesses. The look on his face told her that he had some news, but had been asked to stay quiet about it. "Hun, is it about your new job on the Marketh?" Tiny was often hired as manual labor, seeing as he could carry more weight himself than most teams could together. His face fighting against his emotions, "...Yes. We're going to explore new lands... We aren't supposed to tell anyone though... Competing ships and the like. Please don't tell anyone Tixxy."

She smiled, kissed him on the cheek, paid their tab, "Thanks darling, maybe I'll see you again soon."

Back to the present, she had just finished emptying the crate of grog, slipping the bottles into the bay with soft plops. She knew the current would drag the bottles out of sight beneath the docks, crushing them on the rocks, silent beneath the hustle and bustle of the loading process. She climbed into the crate, and pulled the lid back on, and began the wait. She was glad she was small, made her life so much easier. Soon enough, she felt someone grab her crate, grunt a few times, then lift her up. "By the Gods, this &%*$ is heavy." Tixxy considered stabbing him right then and there, but she restrained herself. As they ascended the plank bridge, she felt the crate jolted as the ship hand nearly fell into the bay. After her crate was set down, she assumed in a storage area, she pulled out her ribbon daggers, and waited for the ship to set sail. If anyone opened her crate, she would shoot out her ribbons, around their neck, and pull them face first into the side of the crate, hopefully rendering them unconscious. And the wait continued.

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Damian "Devil Marketh - Ship Marketh, Conqueror Sea - Day 1, Later Morning

"This! This is where we belong, boys!" Damian shouted from the helm, expecting no sort of reply. the only time the rough and hardy captain ever smiled was when at sea, and this.. this had him smiling. The smell of th sea filling his nostrils, the cooling of the breeze mixed with the warmth of the sun on his scarred flesh. Only when a deck was beneath his feet did this man truely feel pwoerful, in command of the world. "Someone go and fetch me a drink, I've got a mans thirst! Be quick about it too! First to do so it's a gold coin!"

They were making exceptional time and the sailors deserved a moments respite. A few idle hands rushed below to fetch him some of his favored whiskey brewed in the Sablestone Mountains near Bandle. It was no Graggy, certainly not, but he never trusted Graggas and Olaf. An overweight dwarf and an outlander were not the sort to drink alcohol from.

Thus far, their first day was going might well. Sailing conditions were ideal with a fierce eastern wind, a cloudless sky, and the nets were flling quickly. Luck was on their side and little could sour Captain marketh's mood. Hell, at this rate, the Devil would love for some pirates to show up and test him. A bloody day that'd be!

"Har! Oye, lads! Let's see if we can fnd arselves some sea vultures, eh? I feel the itchin' to hang me some pirates!" Several of his men laughed and the Devil continued on path due to his prize, a broad smile across his face. Though he was a little curious what was happening in the main land. The White Order seemed a little uppity before he set sail.